Freedom Ritual

Feb 28, 2009

(spot the "praying"/looks like i'm about to sneeze picture..hahahahahahha!)
H&M short, thrifted lace top, HK fringed sandals, DIY turban (do you want one? email me!)

So I survived FINALS! One month of doing practically nothing
until its time for graduation and what lies ahead though is even scarier...the future.
But before that, I promise I'm going to have the best summer yet!

Things that I MUST do before I enter the "real" world:

- hang out with all my friends ALL the time before we go on our own separate ways :(
- finally finish fixing/redecorating my room
- throw out/burn all the papers, tests, notebooks,books
- clean out and organize my CLOSET
- sleep in
- go to the beach!!!
- go on a trip (Hi Mom! *hint* New York/Paris)
- oh and...find a job!

Little Miss Dress Up LOVES The Supermelon

Feb 27, 2009

Picture 5

We were beyond thrilled when Jenna of The Supermelon emailed us about being featured. Considering we're such fans of the site, we were extremely flattered.To be alongside other fantastic and inspiring bloggers (such as Karla of Karla's Closet, Aimee of Song of Style and Gold Dust Girl) that were interviewed in the past, is such such SUCH an honor.
Do check it out :)

Click here for the interview! Thanks so much Jenna!!!!

Vintage Little Misses


Friends are the stuff dreams are made of.

I love you, LittleMsR!

Easy Peasy

Feb 23, 2009

There is a reason why the color scheme of my wardrobe is predominantly black and white.

I AM lazeh.

Yellow Belle

Feb 21, 2009

H&M top, Topshop skirt, Topshop sandals, SM bag
(photo credit: mom)

Really sorry for the lack of updates from my part! I just ended my last week of classes and finals start next week so I've been incredibly busy!!!! I'll be back when college is FINALLY over!


Feb 19, 2009


I love playing tourist in Edinburgh.

jacket:oasis, skirt: dorothy perkins, shoes: clarks, bag: chanel, tights: topshop, belt: vintage

Pablo en Edimburgo

Feb 17, 2009


yay for outdoor pics! i feel like i dont showcase my beautiful city enough.
today was spent frolicking around the city doing touristy things...and tomorrow were off to do more of it :D

top: uniqlo, draped cardrigan:ukay, skirt:oasis, jacket: dorothy perkins, shoes: clarks, bag: gucci

I Don't Need Love, I've Got My Band

Feb 15, 2009



For the V-DAY weekend, I went on a date with my sister last Friday.
We attended an Audrey Hepburn Film Festival and watched
both Funny Face and Breakfast At Tiffany's for the nth time
but for the first time on the big screen! If you ever have the opportunity
to see any of these movies in a theatre,
DO's a hundred times better!

After watching both movies, I now want to go around in black turtlenecks
and black capri pants. Too bad, it's too hot in Manila for that!

I'm wearing: Leather vest, Topshop tee, SM skirt, Celine shoes, own turban

Then on Saturday, my friends and I had dinner and dessert out.
After dinner, we had a slumber party in a friends about kicking it old school!

Who needs boys when you already have the ideal dates?!?!?!

Hey YoU!

Feb 12, 2009


(click to enlarge)

It totally slipped my mind that Little Miss Dress Up was featured in the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of YoU, another local magazine. Thanks to Ronna Capili for the feature :) Good thing Hanna reminded me to grab a copy after she saw a post about it in Chic Clinic, an equally fabulous local blog that was also featured! Tavi of Style Rookie and Ranna of Only Shallow were included as well.

So..grab a copy...NOW!!!!
Hanna, I got a copy for you already!

Love Is A Mix Tape

Feb 11, 2009


(sources: ffffound,weheartit,lelove,aliceinwonderland)

In time for Valentine's Day...I decided to make you guys a mixtape!

Music Playlist at

The lovely blog, HoneyBunny in Wonderland, gave us this award!!
Thank you!!!

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