Nov 30, 2009

Just a quick update before I run to the library.
This post is going to be highly incoherent and all over the place, so bear with me.


I'm thinking of chopping the top bit of this dress and converting it to a bib.
Jersey fabrics generally annoy me, and this dress is winding me up.

How lovely is this jade butterfly that has decided to take momentary residence atop my finger?

I got them from my last visit to Singapore. They've got diamonds for a thorax and an abdomen, a diamond leaf for friend and an 18 karat white gold branch to rest in. Nothing less than the best for these two posh butterflies.
(Who would have thought that I could identify with a ring!)


I don't know what I was trying to prove with the idiotic second pose.
My jaw looks phenomenal though (very rare occurrence), so I thought I'd share.

I wore both my grans on my finger and wrist yesterday. The jade ring was nonchalantly presented to me along with a carved pink quartz pendant (as seen in the preceding outfit) by my wonderful maternal grandmother after a casual afternoon visit to her house. The pearl ring and turquoise/coral double happiness cuff, on the other hand, are among my inheritance from my paternal grandmother who I miss ever so dearly.

Ps. A big shout out and a million thanks to Lynne and my fashion partner Sans:

The Evening News.

Lynne also wrote about our car-boot experience, but I couldn't get a proper scan because technology hates me.

The Inquirer

You can read the article online if you've missed the broadsheet
. :)


Grey Today

F21 tank, thrifted tank, drop crotch pants from HK, Janeo shoes, Telebasura necklace

Recently opened Looking For Lola, our little thrift store in Power Plant Mall. That's the reason I've been so busy these past few days, I'm at the mall every single day! Dani (my Looking for Lola partner) and I are so excited to share all our fantastic finds that we rework and customize to make them more wearable.

Sneak a Peek into Lola's boutique :)

Looking For Lola @ The Retail Lab. 2/F Power Plant Mall, Archaeology section.


Nov 26, 2009

Look at what I made last night : a turban/headband!
It proved to be very useful as the weather was MANIC today.
I kid you not when I say that the gale force winds nearly whisked me to the stratosphere
as I was walking to David Hume Towers for tutorials this morning.
Not that I would mind flying with an umbrella at hand. Mary Poppins seems to enjoy it.

Wrong Timing

Nov 24, 2009

My father, who is very wise and rarely makes an erroneous comment, tells me quite often that I was born in the wrong time. I think that he is right. There is no other explanation for my prudish nature, taste in fashion and love for Perry Como.

How ironic that I was brought to this world in a decade that I have no affection for.
To this day I consider being born in the 80s the first mistake I made in my life. If I had it my way, I would have been born in the late 40s, spend my childhood/adolescence in the 50s-60s, skip on the 70s by still wearing the 50/60s, and meet my Creator in the 80s. I know it's quite young but I have never been inclined to over-extend my welcome on this planet anyway.

She should have been me.

This dress, hat and gloves should have been hanging in my closet.

I should have lived among these women.

My latest acquistions:

A garnet ring in sterling silver long enough to envelop more than half my finger. I had been eyeing this thing of beauty for 3 weeks and finally decided my life would be incomplete without it. I need to get our jeweller to replace the marcasites with stones and to resize it for me before I can use it though...

This antique sterling silver filigree brooch that was too beautiful to walk away from! The dealer said that it was Victorian, and though the design is true to the aesthetics of the time, I'm almost certain that it was made much much later.

An art deco costume jewelry dress clip (picture: far right) made with paste.
I am obsessed with these things. I already own a pair that can be transformed to a brooch but I couldn't resist this geometric lady.

Lastly, this lipstick holder with a built-in mirror. Currently, it's attached to my MAC scarlet lipstick.

Pretty and practical. How could I say no to that?

The Long Story

Nov 22, 2009

Zara tank, Topshop tank, H&M long skirt, H&M belt, Tint shoes, Aranaz bags, Aranaz necklace

I think it's about time I put this skirt out of retirement.
It's been hiding in the back of my closet for way too long!
What do you think?

Looking For Lola @ SoFA's Retail Lab

Nov 20, 2009


Hi! A little shop that I share with my friend, Dani, is opening today! So visit
Looking For Lola! 2/F Power Plant Mall, Archaeology section
We will be releasing all our new finds here every week so please check it out!
Remember everything is one of a kind!


Nov 18, 2009

Just came back from yet another long lunch with my friends from the Art College.

dress from singapore, jacket: dp, bag: vintage loewe, earrings: jul dizon, necklace: warehouse, brooch and belt: vintage, shoes: nordstrom, sunglasses: primark

photo credit: Thanks, Wongalong!

This aubergine dress is good enough to eat. My other clothes are starting to feel a bit jealous
because I've worn this twice in the past two weeks. I tried to assure them that I'm not playing favorites, but they just wont hear any of it!

I've also got a black version of this beauty (no surprises there), but I must admit that I am slightly more infatuated with the purple dream.

Louboutins, Lions and Lace

Nov 16, 2009

There are those rare moments when the world:

conspires to make the shoe of your dream a reality,

makes the perfect eye-gouging claw brooch that you've been searching for for the last 2 months claw its way into your life unexpectedly,

persuades a lion to growl from a pile of junk only to be appeased by the promise of a good home,

induces you with an irrational urge to make a tatty old thing an extension of your essence by pinning a cameo to it

and convinces you to throw caution to the wind.

'Of course you need your heels to be lined with diamonds!
Being practical is not chic', said he.

lace dress: f21, crochet cardigan, belt , and bag: vintage, shoes: christian louboutin Lillian 120

Also, check out an interview I did with:


Thanks, Macy and Reggie!

Little Misses Grab A Seat at the Table for Three!

The next thing The Little Misses love after fashion is FOOD! What a thrill it was to be
invited by Franco of known food blog, Table for Three, Please to be their latest guest blogger!
Our topic? Do fashionistas eat too? :)

Stop by and check out the post! Thank you so much for the invitation Table for Three, Please!

Night Fall

Nov 15, 2009

H&M dress, leather belt, Topshop heels, Zipper bag from HK

Had an Angels and Devils themed party last Friday. Here's my failed attempt of being a 'fallen angel'. There's nothing 'fallen' or angelic about my outfit though! Hahaha! Just tried to toughen up an old flowy dress by sewing a leather belt around the dress.


Nov 11, 2009

SM dress, belt from Mimi, sunglasses from Tint, chain necklace worn as a bracelet, cuffs from all over

These stripes make me feel like I belong behind bars!

Feather Friends

Nov 9, 2009


dress: warehouse, top: M&S little boys section, jacket: from Hong Kong, bowtie: H&M, broach: vintage, pearls from the philippines, rings : antique, biker shop in singapore and jul dizon, bag: vintage chanel, shoes: new look

It's official. I have fallen in love with the most beautiful feather collar from Zara!

If you tire of wearing it as a collar,
why not stick it in your head to look like a Red Indian?

or cellotape it to your chin to look like Santa?

The possibilities are endless with this hyper-versatile piece!

What put me off?
Quality was crap.
After 30 minutes playing with it, it had gone bald!

*Look who the feather friends made friends with in George street?
Lynne McCrossan and Roz Colthart (Not in photo. She refused, though I couldnt see why. She looked great!) They were about as sweet as strangers come. We had a quick chat and found out that Lynne is a writer for the Evening News and Roz has a shop that sells ALL BLACK CLOTHING. Talk about FATE!

Check Roz's shop out:
Black Essentials