Gold Dust Girl

Jun 30, 2009

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Kate Moss for Topshop dress, thrifted blazer, Monica Fig shoes
photo by: Bj Pascual

This photo was taken almost a year ago for a local magazine. I forgot all about it until I was looking through my old files yesterday night. Anyway, it was taken by the talented Bj Pascual (hope you don't mind I stole the picture!) Thanks for making me look decent and a bit tall :D

Anyway see the gold studded dress? I got it a year ago on sale for P500 ($10) when it was originally around P5000 ($100) or something??? Best STEAL ever!!

Little Miss Dress Up readers... H and I are going on an adventure in about a week!!!
Can you guys guess where were headed????

Academic Urges

Jun 28, 2009

photo credit: my sister, Mechie
she's the artsy, techy, and creative one.

Since arriving from Taiwan, I've had an inexplicable urge to do research for my dissertation. The night my plane touched Manila, I got home and spent 3 hours on jstor reading relevant academic journals. I've also been digging up old newsweeks for articles on east asian political economy (To no avial. Everything written in the last 5 months is about Obama).

If only these urges came at the right time of the year and not during Summer.
You know, when they actually count for something.

*A special hello to our loyal reader, Ms. Janna Pablo! I love you:D

Gone to Taiwan

Jun 26, 2009


I'm back in Manila and my pants are tight.
So much food, so little time.

Fan Girl

Jun 25, 2009

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You guys probably know by the now that I get excited by the littlest things. So when my cousin and I were randomly walking around New York you could imagine how thrilled I was to see The New York Palace right in front of me. It's the hotel which is supposedly home to Chuck Bass and the Van Der Woodsens.

Now I regret NOT going on the Gossip Girl tour!!! Next time....maybe in September?

Park Picnic

Jun 21, 2009

rust blazer from Dani's ukay ukay, Topshop tank, Proenza Schouler for Target dress, F21 hat, BClub sandals
photo credit: Claud Bacani

So even if we got rained on, I still had the best time at a picnic that we had while I was in New York. And because I have really shallow life goals, I was able to cross out "Picnic in Central Park" from my list. Yay!

Oh and I KNOW my dress is really wrinkly...try living out of a suitcase for almost a month and you'll understand how hard it could get! (And i don't know how to use an iron)

Looks Like Rain

Jun 16, 2009

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My sister's top, Zara blazer, F21 denim shorts, vintage oxfords, Aranaz shopper
photo credit: Marga Dalsfoist

Somewhere in the middle of Little Italy!
One of my favorite shots cause it kinda looks
like it was snapped by a street style photographer! :)

Little White Dress


Wore a white dress to a mini reunion with the girls I spent 4 glorious months in Spain with 6 years ago! Yes, that trip. The trip that started my love affair with the country :D

If you're thinking 'Doesn't she own any other pair of flat shoes?' The answer is no.
And they're not even mine. They're my sister's!
I just smuggled them in my suitcase.

Ps. Little Ms. R, we were looking at our Spain photos and guess who was in one of them? YOU!!! Remember our MovieWorld adventure in Madrid? I was being such a granny and wouldn't go on any of the rides so I took a nap under the shade instead while guarding your belongings. haha

Tea Time

Jun 15, 2009

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Aranaz dress worn with a grey sweater on top, Topshop jacket, H&M woven belt, Aranaz bag, Aldo shoes
(photo credit: Marga Dalsfoist)

One of my favorite days in New York where we had brunch at a place called Alice's Tea Cup. Since we were having tea we decided to go a bit prissy and girly. I think my cream petalia bag was enough to fill the frilly quota.

With my bff (yiheeeeeeee!) who I now hate because she lives in New York without me! Hahaha

Before checking out the Model As Muse exhibit we decided to sit on the Met steps a la Gossip Girl.

Tea and scones!!!!

Are there any places here in Manila where we can all sit down, get dressed up and have tea???

Manila the thrilla

Jun 13, 2009

My bestfriend and I came in matching outfits without even planning it! haha! :D

top plainsandprints, pants: zara, bowtie: hm, bag: chanel, shoes: ferragamo, ring and cuff: jul dizon

Lunch at Summer Palace, Edsa Shangi-la Hotel.
Easily the best Chinese restaurant in the country.

Good food and good company.
It's good to be home :D

*pictures stolen from iza.


Jun 12, 2009

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On Rosanna - H&M top, F21 skirt, gold bomber jacket from some
random shop in Florence circa 2001, SoFab shoes
On Hanna - Warehouse dress, Miss Selfridge and Jul Dizon necklace,
Ferragamo shoes, Aranaz bag

With Hanna back in town, we checked out Designs Filipino -- a retrospective exhibit held at Greenbelt 5's Filipino Zone. There was a window display exhibit, a fashion show and whole lot of cocktails!

Our store (ARANAZ) window display created by Dustin Reyes.
along with his two other works...

Aren't they all awesome???
I wish I could have taken better pictures but I lack skills in the photography dept.

Lastly, check out our two lovely models wearing the hair(bag) pieces that we whipped up just for the show. They're both wearing my clothes which don't look THAT good on me! :(
Oh the perks of being tall and skinny...hahahaha!

Race for Lace

Jun 10, 2009

vintage lace top, F21 skirt, Aldo shoes, Aranaz bag, sunglasses from Faces
photo credit: Kayla Dalsfoist

Wearing my favorite lace top for my cousin's graduation from Mount Holyoke in Massachusetts where the weather was surprisingly really warm! I find it kinda funny that I left Manila and ended up getting a tan in Massachusetts of all places!!!

Anyway, I know I suck from being MIA and neglecting this blog. The laptop I brought along with me on my trip was being such a pain. I just got back from my vacation yesterday and I'm now battling with jet expect more posts from me!

Sleepless in Singapore

Jun 8, 2009


LOVE the window display. 
*photo credit: my sister :D

I landed in Singapore 48 hours ago and I haven't had a decent night's rest since. 

I'm off to the drugstore to get a much needed sleeping pill before heading to my sister's photoshoot. :D

Pattern Mixing

Jun 4, 2009


Remember this oufit from a couple of posts ago? Anyway...the week before I left Manila I received such a pleasant email from Tracey Lomrantz, a fashion blogger from! It's thrilling to find out that someone like her actually visits our little third world blog!! (especially someone with attached to her email address! -- i nearly fainted. seriously.)

Thanks Tracey!!
Check out the feature along with other bloggers, Elenita and Krystal!

PS. I know I haven't been posting! My laptop is being a pain. I promise too catch up once I get back to Manila :)

Feliz Cumpleanos, Guapo!

Jun 3, 2009

lace top: cotton on, skirt: oasis, tights: topshop, shoes: clarks, bag and belt: vintageThe Birthday Boy
(who is, by the way, also interning for Giles Deacon in a month! Woot to the hoot!)

Met my first Iranian. Momentous.

The only under 50s in Alex
Sexytimes in the beach

  • Decided to pick Alex up from the Airport because the lucky arse decided to skip class and bugger off to his villa in Marbella.
Jealousy thy name is Hanna.
  • Wong and I hid in the Arrivals to 'surprise' him while Lauren waited in the McleanMobile. We failed.
  • Drove up to the beach and stopped by Aberlady on the way for fish and chips. And to stock up on whams!
  • Arrived at Berwick where Iz and I got Chinese take-away. Tried to small talk the shop owner's daughter. Failed yet again.
  • Finally got to the beach, layed down some blankets in the sand, sang happy birthday and gorged on champagne, strawberries, chocolate and chinese take-away. Classy.