Indian Summer

May 30, 2010


My mom and sister have just arrived in Edinburgh!

As if their presence was not enough of a treat, my mom also brought me an Indian rose cut diamonds and ruby bangle as a present.

The word LOVE has never been more applicable.

Watch as it gets glued to my wrist the entire summer.


May 29, 2010

Congratulations to our 2 readers --- Nettie Solon and Eunicena Alera for winning the SoFA @ Philippine Fashion Show giveaway! You've been sent emails re: details :)
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Drape Escape

May 26, 2010

F&H pants, Zara wedges, Theatre top, vintage belt, sunglasses from Bangkok

photo credit: my sister, Amina

I'm loving my new pair of pants that I recently got in Folded & Hung!
The drapery detail definitely adds a special touch to this typical style.


Here's my sister Amina, wearing one of my vintage dresses.
Also in earrings that I'm currently selling in Shop!LMDU

Philippine Fashion Week Give Away!

May 21, 2010


photo by: Lawrence Antaran
Win tickets to the 1st School of Fashion and the Arts Graduation Show 
at Philippine Fashion Week,
May 30, Sunday | 1PM

How to Join:
1) Follow us on twitter : and tweet about this contest!
2) Be a fan in facebook: Little Miss Dress Up on Facebook
3) Leave a comment with your name and email address!!!

Two of our lucky readers will win two tickets each!!!

Contest ends on Friday, May 28 2010

PS. Shop!Little Miss Dress Up has been updated!

In Prints

1 270 h
photos by: Lyka Orhel | styling: me | models: Ayla Gomez and Kirsten Rice | make up : Maui Manalo | 
clothes by Vania Romoff | assisted by: Mara Bautista

What I do for fun --- style! Did this shoot for Vanilla Label by Vania Romoff last week. For her summer collection, which I love, she steps away from her staple neutrals and comes up with beautiful printed pieces!You guys all know how i love mixing prints so it was such a fun project for me.

1 010 h1 233 h1 351 h1 396 h

1 169 n h

Visit Vanilla Label's site:
Also Vania will be selling these pieces at the Super Sale bazaar at the Grove by Rockwell (Along C5, near Ortigas Ave)  this weekend! So be sure to check it out :)

Summer Shine

Summer has officially started!
Mooched with Al today and it honestly felt like we were on holiday.

Really, except for the lack of hot men, we could have easily been in Spain already :D

Oh, and here's Al's collection as promised.

(He dyed and manipulated the fabric himself!)

Told ya it was amazing.

Black Summer

May 17, 2010

Kate Moss for Topshop dress, Uniqlo button down shirt, H&M hat, Ichigo wedges

photo credit: Mom

Off to get a hair cut! Nothing drastic at all, just a little trim!

Thanks so much to Ichigo for the wedges! I borrowed a few pairs for our
Aranaz fashion show and fell in love with it :)

Sing Sang Samsung

May 12, 2010


What most of you guys don't know about me, is that I was a computer geek first, fashion obsessed second. So flipping open a new gadget, like my new Samsung Netbook N220, is about as thrilling for me as a new pair of YSL Tributes!

Accessing Little Miss Dress Up is an easy feat with its 10.1” anti-reflective display and its ergonomic keyboard. Plus with its 12 hour battery life and its wireless internet capabilities, I can easily go online and blog practically anywhere!

I love how it fits pretty much all of my everyday bags! No need for me to lug around
a laptop bag anymore. At only 1.31kg it won't be a hassle to 
carry it around as I hop from one mall to another.

The best part? It's classy, sleek and stylish enough to go with all my shoes! 

Want your own netbook? Visit the Samsung Netbook website!

Some Jewelry Chat

It's been a while since talks of jewelry dominated my blog posts.
So here goes one massive bauble filled entry:

Over the weekend I adopted this little stunner of a ring from Malena:

The center stone is white topaz and the shank is lined with diamonds set in 9 carat gold.

It's an English ring made in Birmingham. Shame it's far too big for my finger.
Not to worry, I've done some DIY resizing job by wrapping the back bit of the ring with an elastic band. Epic fail. The ring now looks skanky when you look at it from my palm..but at least I can wear it!

As you can all tell, the virtue of patience is totally alien to me.

On to more exciting news, I won a stingray cuff from Janina Dizon Hoschka! She generously put these up for grabs on her blog for a mother's day contest and I am beyond elated that she chose me because I never win anything. Ever.

Also, my purple stingray cuff has officially died on me so the timing couldn't be more perfect.

Again, thank you!

Jenny is an amazing multi-award winning jewelry designer and I've got pictures to prove it.
Here are just some of my favorite art pieces:

Amazing, no?

I'm kinda glad I don't live in Manila. Surely I would be penniless if I was exposed to this kind of beauty on a daily basis.

Speaking of beauty, here's the striking designer herself:

Not only is she a walking talent with a beautiful face to match, she also has a wardrobe that's made of dreams.

Go on and feel the envy.

The Peninsula Manila
Mezzanine Level

ECA Graduate Fashion Week

May 9, 2010


I ended up watching the Graduate Fashion Show TWICE.
It was that good.
Congratulations Breast, Al, Iz, Emma, Qi and Annie!
It's finally over...
Now go sleep like a proper human being.