Yay for Graduation Day

Mar 30, 2009


beaded Culte Femme dress, Topshop shoes, Chanel bag
(sorry for the crappy photo quality! we couldn't find the perfect lighting to highlight the detail of the dress!)

Over the weekend I finally graduated from college!!!
Now that school's out, it's time for the real world :(

Here's a quick rundown of the weekend's festivities...

(click on the photos to enlarge)

Last Friday was my friend Mikko's graduation dinner!
Loved Rina's yellow dress (who made it?!?!) and Bianca 's white dress AND tights (thanks for the shout out in your blog! Hahaha!)!!!

Saturday, was my graduation!

Congratulations Fail!

Check out my "surprise" cheesecake (which was to die for!) from Gourmand, a French Restaurant.
How in the world did "Sanna" (my nickname) or "Rosanna" become "Sharon"??? Hahaha!

As of today, I'm officially UNEMPLOYED!

Little Miss Dress Up at The Stylemonger

Picture 2

Thanks to Eeda of The Stylemonger for the feature!!!
Do check out our interview here!

Band of Feathers

Mar 27, 2009

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Topshop tank, thrifted denim vest, Aranaz skirt, Topshop shoes, Aranaz clutch

Amina in a sequined tank dress, white button down, Aranaz bag, Topshop shoes

A few days ago, I attended the Mega magazine's Young Designer's Competition Awards Night with my sister, Amina. I wore that feather skirt I had made a couple of weeks ago. Funny how I left a trail of black feathers all over...Oooops!!! Anyway I really love seeing what our local talent has to offer and I definitely wasn't disappointed that night. But being the 'bad' blogger that I am, I was too lazy to lug around my huge ass SLR camera! So instead here are some photos of which I found via the Mega Magazine blog --- The Radar:

The winner: Vanessa Ang's "Transparency"

Though this wouldn't have been my first pick because I'd appreciate something more cutting edge, I definitely liked her pieces (first and last dress be mine!) and find them all VERY wearable. One of her nude dresses/top (?) reminded me of that ubiquitous sheer Alexander Wang dress. A skirt of hers was reminiscent of Herve Leger. I adored that dress to the very left...there was something about it that looks vaguely familiar from a season or two ago (Rodarte? Chloe? Phillip Lim?) but I can't seem to place it! Help anyone??? As a whole, I really liked her collection (the color palette was just lovely) and think she's quite talented. I'm definitely looking forward to what she has next!

My others picks for the night:

Juan Karlo Vicente’s “Fasians"

I became such a fan of his use of layers and his heather grey sweat (?) shorts and pants!!!

Jc Sasoy's "Daku"

photo credit: Mega Magazine | The Radar

Blue Bossa

Mar 26, 2009

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Since I'm on a black coat ban, I bought this tulle coat from Topshop in navy blue.
I know it's bordering black...but you've gotta give it to me for trying. :D

So today was quite exciting! I spent the afternoon assisting Isabel for her tartan coat photo shoot.
The coat is beautiful-not only does the exterior exhibit wonderful craftmanship, but the lining and the finishing are impeccable as well.

This is my favorite outtake.
Emma, my incredibly beautiful and sweet Swedish friend modeled and she just looks absolutely stunning in this photo (as in every other photograph taken of her today-oh to be tall, thin, blue-eyed and beautiful!).Here's Iz doing her thang.
Woman is so talented, she better not forget me when she gets famous...
I, midget.
The model off-duty wearing a jacket from Sweden and a skirt from Zara.

Can't wait to have you and David over for dinner when I get back, Emma!

coat: topshop, skirt: dp, top: thrifted, bag: charles and keith, shoes: clarks, pearls from tokyo and manila

Pocketful of Sunshine

Mar 23, 2009

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About twice a year, we here in Scotland are graced by the presence of the beautiful sun.

People go crazy and take their clothes off and run around the city half-naked.

Never mind if it's barely 13 degrees...

Srsly, sometimes it's hard not to pity these people who have lived a lifetime of sun-deprivation.
jacket: DP, Lace top: Thrifted, Skirt: Culte Femme, belt: Bottega Veneta, tights: Topshop, shoes: Clarks, bag: LV.
photo credit: random stranger

Today I'm wearing one of my most cherished skirts from Culte Femme that slightly resembles window curtains with its cascading drapes. Come to think of it, I get a LOT of outfit inspiration from the houseware department. Not only do I like skirts that look better on window frames, I have also have many a times blended in with a couch while sporting a brocade jacket.

I'm also carrying my least favorite bag: the ubiquitous entry-level LV speedy. I loved it to death when I first got it 6 years ago, but now that everyone has it, it has lost its appeal. I think Edinburgh is the only city in the world where I hardly see anyone toting it so I'm not as bothered using it here...because let's face it, it's an extremely practical bag that can hold all the contents of one's life.

Or in my case today: a basket-full of groceries.

detailed shot of the skirt

and the lace top and bib necklace I wore sometime ago.

Oh and meet my twin from another mother!
Ida and I have the same past: she's from everywhere too,
the same present: both of us are studying a 'serious degree' to avoid being typecast as a mindless shallow person who is into fashion...and to appease the parentals,
and the same future: we will change the world by eliminating one fugly outfit at a time!

She is also frickin hilarious and brutally honest-two qualities that instantly warm me up to a person.

Love how she toughened up her white eyelet minidress with a biker jacket.
And that huge-ass gold watch and her door knocker ring are divine!!!

I still can't believe I met her two months before she heads back to Londontown! :o

This is unfortunate since I so rarely meet non-dull people in this city.

So It's Sunday

Mar 22, 2009

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SM dress, thrifted knit top, So!Fab sandals, Sonia Rykiel bag
(photo credit: my sister, Amina)

It was another typical Sunday. Lunch here at home where I got to play with my two favorite little kids in the world. One of which got his very first bike which I ended up pushing around the house because this 2 year old had no clue on how to pedal. So he just sits there like a king while everyone has to push the bike for him. Oh to be two and get to order everyone around again....

Zara skirt, SM top, Matthews sandals, Prada bag, vintage wooden necklace

Meet my photographer for the day. My talented bag designer sister, Amina!
If it wasn't for her using me as her very own dress up doll, I don't think I would have ever gotten into fashion.

photo credit: Table For Three, Please -- an awesome food blog!

Oh and after dinner, I FINALLY got to buy these
Calamansi (which are like the Philippine version of lemons/limes) bars from Classic Confections (2/F Greenbelt 5)
that I've been craving for! You must try these babies....sweet and tangy goodness with every bite.
Yum! I am such a sucker for anything citrus-y....give me to die for lemon squares and I'll be yours forever.

Gimme Gingham

Mar 21, 2009

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Anna Sui top, thrifted skirt, H&M shoes, Aranaz bag, scary spike bracelet
photo credit: Mikko

Like I mentioned a few posts earlier, Mikko (my best friend) is the vainest (but in a good way) guy I know! Today for example, he asked me to help him plan his outfits for his upcoming one week trip to Japan. So after a quick trip to the mall where he looked for clothes to bring, we ransacked his closet and played dress up. I should have taken my camera so I could have shown you guys his "fashion show". Really, I've been telling this guy to start his own blog too.

H&M gingham button down shirt, custom made navy blue shorts, Sperry Topsiders

Meet Mikko. My favorite shopping buddy!


Mar 20, 2009

(Food glorious food)

(Thanks, Alex! It's just what I need...)

(Alexa, Laurenzo, and Katrina. Loved the tartan and crochet top outfit, Loz!)

Just came home from Alexzander's amazing flat for late night cheese fondue and some good banter.
All I can say is thank heavens for carb blockers and Prince Philip!

Here are some wondrously un-pc quotes by our favorite monarch:

Never pass up a chance to go to the loo or to take a poo.
When asked his secret for dealing with public appearances.

If you travel as much as we do, you appreciate how much more aircraft have become. Unless you travel in something called economy class, which sounds ghastly.
During Royal Jubilee tour in 2002.

'Deaf? If you are near there, no wonder you are deaf.'
To group of deaf children standing next to Jamaican steel drum band, on visit to new National Assembly for Wales, 1999

night: top: uniqlo, jacket:thrifted: pants: long and lean gap jeans, scarf: hm, shoes: clarks, clutch: vintage from my gran
day: same jacket and top, scarf: nicholson street, boots: charles and keith, bag: gucci

The Ideal Man

Mar 18, 2009


Everyone Loves The Well Dressed Boy

The world could be such a happier place if only all boys could look this put together all the time.

Do any of you know who the guy in the 5th and 9th picture is?
I've been seeing his photos in a couple of street style sites and I'm really loving his style!

Who are your favorite stylish boys???