Sep 29, 2010

Zara jacket, striped top from Bangkok, denim shorts, Zara wedges

Wearing one of my latest Zara buys. I love how comfortable they are!

That 70's Girl

Sep 26, 2010


Contributed an article on wearing 70s inspired fashion for a local newspaper, the Inquirer! Wanted to share with you guys the photos :) How I wish my everyday blog photos came out like this! Loads of thanks to the talented Joseph Pascual.

Read more about it here -- That 70's Girl


Model: Sam Sadhwani
Hair and Make Up by Anjie Gogna

Hanna (and Anjie!) makes a special appearance in another lacey number!!!


Sep 25, 2010



As of yesterday, I am the proud owner of the most beautiful Edwardian-inspired bracelet. I say 'inspired' because the Belle Epoque beauty isn't dated. The only hallmarks I found are '18k' and 'Mayfair' (a swanky area in London that sells equally swanky things. Always a good sign). When Lucille pulled this out of a plastic zip lock weeks ago while they were packing their Shangri-La Hotel shop for renovation, I died a little. I even phoned Alex that night to discuss the merits of being poor but owning a fabulous piece of jewelry in the hopes that he would dissuade me. As usual, he proved to be futile, telling me to 'DO IT'. This phrase has become our natural response to everything unreasonable we wish to do with our lives (ie. Should I pack to France and become a gigolo? DO IT. Should I drive even if I have no motor/coordination skills and may die? DO IT.)

And so I did it. It will go in the guise of 'investment' under 'miscellaneous' in my dwindling bank account.

I wore it around the house yesterday and this morning after using the treadmill. As far as cost per wear goes, I think it will prove to be a bargain.


Along with this bracelet, I also picked up my openwork lace cognac/colored diamond earrings. This piece has been an on-going project for more than 3 years now. I bought them as two separate pendants and had them converted to hooked danglers in Singapore. I never wore them because they always seemed to lose their way in my jungle hair. At one point, I even put them up for sale..only to get them back when I realized how much I loved the openwork setting.

Three weeks ago, Ginny and I were debating the possibility of doing something with it. There was the option of putting mother of pearl shells at the back (meh. made them look cheap as chips) or to just strip them of their blackened gold. Finally, she decided to try to get as much of the black gold out and convert them to big studs. They're lovely and at their most beautiful state right now! I'm finally contented.


I also promised you all that I'd show you some of my birthday goodies. These white gold diamond studs are from my mom and are inspired by Queen Rania's favorite earrings. I showed them once to her and said something to the effect of 'I would die to have these!' et voila..I have my very own pair.


The earrings also go easily with my black diamond cocktail ring that my mom commissioned Ginny to do ages ago. This thing is beautiful. A bit vintagey-deco but concurrently modern. I adore this piece , which is in keeping with my love affair with the color black.


Finally, here is my old mine cut navette ring with cognac diamonds set in rose gold. This was a present from my grandma and is additionally valuable because it had once belonged to my great-grandmother. The stones aren't white, the cut is not impeccable (it was most probably done by hand) and inclusions are plentiful. That doesn't detract from the fact that this has got to be one of my favorite things in my jewel box.

Old diamonds are charming because I know they've lived longer than me and have been loved by someone else. I like imagining things being worn by someone living in the past. Imagine all the secrets they are privy to.

PS. The Christie's Catalogue for the New York Auction is out! Among the things listed are the JAR imperial Topaz and the Vanderbilt Diamond Necklace. Nothing has excited me more than this 400 page booklet in the past few weeks. This must be the equivalent of the September issue for the fashion-orientated folks.

Here are some of my favourite picks. Enjoy!

Screen shot 2010-09-25 at 12.50.53

Screen shot 2010-09-25 at 12.50.18

Screen shot 2010-09-25 at 12.48.09

Screen shot 2010-09-25 at 12.39.34

Pps. Ever wondered what became of my Janina Dizon stingray cuff? Well, a lovely lizard now rests atop it. Thanks for making his green tsavorite eyes and blackened spine, Ginny!


Into The Wide

Sep 23, 2010

H&M crop top, thrifted pants, striped blazer from Bangkok, 
Parisian flats, Aranaz earrings

photo credit: Mom

Attended a SoFA event a few days ago. Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend SoFA Speaks 
but I've been hearing great things about it and how inspiring it was!!!

Picked up these pants from a thrift shop a few weeks ago. It's a bit of a challenge to wear but it's so comfy, I just couldn't resist giving it a try. I noticed I've really been into wide leg pants's about time I pick up a new, more modern pair.

The New Fashionary

Sep 20, 2010

A Sketchbook Tailor-made for Fashion Designers

ALL in stock for P1280 only.
We ship all over the Philippines! Can be picked up in Greenbelt/Rockwell
for inquiries: or send me a message on FB

The sketchbook is combined with intensive fashion information and blended figure templates. It is the perfect tool for brainstorming, fast sketching and quick referencing.

The current version of Fashionary is updated with 35% more content

Fashion Dictionary + Sketchbook
* - 400 templates for instant sketching.
* - Measurement Tools
* - 1300 Brands Index
* - Books and Bookmarks
* - Body Measurements
* - Patterns & Flat Drawings
* - Details Examples (mens edition only)
* - Specs Sheets
* - Fabric Dictionary
* - Color & Printing
* - Laundry labels
* - Seams & Stitches
* - Typography and Boards
* - Fashion Events
* - Monthly Calendar

photos from fashionary

now available in ARANAZ Rockwell/Greenbelt 5
Soon to be at the SoFA RETAIL LAB

Pop of Red

Sep 17, 2010


top and hat from Bangkok, Oxygen skirt, Parisian heels

photo credit: Mom


Been loving the hat wearing weather!
What kind of hat do you love to wear???

For all the readers that have been asking about my lipstick in my last post.
It's Wet & Wild 508A :)

Vlog #2

Sep 16, 2010


Look who's in town!
special thanks: donna cruz & anjie gogna (
music: let's do something else by sean bones

Wasted Hours

Sep 8, 2010

vintage top, thrifted jacket and denims, F21 booties, DVF scarf, ARANAZ bag
photo credit: Mom

One of my favorite thrift finds has got to be this jacket.
Love the print which seems to be a mix of tribal and geometric.


Sep 7, 2010



I love this Aranaz Ropas skirt..and this is coming from someone who is very selective when it comes to 'i love you' pieces. If something was given to me to gain blogging publicity without me actually dying all over it, then I refuse to write about it. I wouldn't want to betray our readers. Or myself for that matter.

But when I fall in love with an item, I could make your brand my religion and talk incessantly about the amazingness that is your merchandise. And yes, that includes items I've shelled my own hard earned money for.

So back to this beautiful skirt which I picked up from the last Aranaz event. When I saw the drapes and felt the light fabric I knew my life would be incomplete without it. There has not been a more Hanna Choa Yu item that I've seen in the last 3 months (which explains the on-going shopping drought. I haven't actually bought anything in ages. Well, apart from jewelery...but that's really more of an investment). There were other beautiful pieces from the collection like a peach cropped jacket with weave details at the back, but weather-wise it wouldn't have been the wisest purchase.

I've worn this skirt 4 times since I bought it two weeks ago. I love it and I want the world to know. I'm not saying Rosanna's collection for Aranaz Ropas is marvelous just because she is my friend. I would have raved about it even if another designer had made it.



It's hard not to be jealous of Rosanna really. Here's an amazing, talented and kind person with such a creative spirit. Sometimes, her all-around wins in life make you want to blow your blah life to pieces. But then she goes and says something hilarious that reminds you how down-to-earth she truly is, and how unaware she is of her successes in life..and you fall in love with her just a bit more.

I sound like a total creeper boyfriend. Ew.

Easy Breezy

Sep 5, 2010


F21 jacket, F21 necklace, Zara tank, Zara jeans, Looking For Lola (coming soon) bag
Clogs and scarf from Hong Kong
photo credit: Mom


Wearing my staples for a lazy day -- Loose ripped jeans, a tank top and clogs.

Street Chic

Sep 3, 2010

source: Jacquelyn Jablonski by Catherine Servel 
for Telegraph Magazine August 2010

I'd kill to get my hands on a luxurious camel coat. If only I could wear things like this everyday