Sneak Peek: Forever21 Philippines

Jun 29, 2010


The perks of having a blog 
#1: Being invited to an exclusive 
sneak peek of a brand that's finally hitting our shores! 

I dragged my sister, Amina, to check it out with me and you could imagine
our excitement the minute we stepped into the store and saw all of this....

Pretty much most of the Forever 21 lines were brought in : 
Twelve by Twelve, Love 21, Heritage 1981 and 21Men

After seeing the dressing rooms 
we couldn't resist picking out a few things...

Forever 21 officially opens on Friday, July 2 in the
2nd level of SM Megamall. Right next to Watsons

Forever 21 Philippines 
on Twitter and on Facebook!

Thank you so much Jane for inviting us!

Rolled Up

Jun 27, 2010

Double zipper jacket from Willow Clothing at The Ramp Crossings
Uniqlo black button down, Topman jeans, clogs from China, 
photo credit: Mom

I'm loving my new jacket from Willow Clothing.
It's light enough for our local weather but cozy enough for a really rainy day!

After searching high and low...I finally found the pair of clogs 
I traveled all the way (just kidding!) to China for.

PS. Here's a little sneak peek for something I'm VERY VERY VERY excited about.....


Manila....Guess where I am???

ECA Degree Show : Isabel Wong

Jun 26, 2010

May I present Issey's Collection.

As you can tell by now, I am the token non-talented friend in the group.

Congratulations, bootiful! XXX

Viva Elle España!

Jun 23, 2010


On most days I still can't believe people other than my mom, my sister and my friends read our blog. What a thrill to find out Little Miss Dress Up was featured on Elle España!
This made my day!

Thank you so much Hanna and Vixen's Lair for the heads up!


Jun 21, 2010


Open publication - Free publishing - More clothes

brand new, vintage inspired collection

Never eat at Gusto Edinburgh

Jun 19, 2010

Yesterday was my day off.
It had a pretty awful start but soon picked up when I saw Alex and Sarah.
But then it went downhill again after we got the WORST service known to mankind at Gusto : 135 George Street. Seriously, don't even THINK of eating there. It was BAD on all levels. (May I, instead, suggest Tigerlily just next to it where I have never had a non-wonderful experience.)

Anyway, Al and I went fit finding after the epic failure of a meal which made everything seem better. We even found some sticky weed which we wore around Castle Terrace before heading back to our side of town. To cap things off, we greedily dug into some fresh rhubarb crumble and custard that he baked. Yum.

So that was my day. How was yours?

Hot & Cool

Jun 18, 2010

I came across the Samsung Netbook Clique Savvy Poll Promo and decided to create an entry myself.

Summer's officially over in the Philippines!
Looking back, here are some of my favorite summer outfits from some street style sites with reasons
why I can't seem to pick between what I like more --- dressing for the HOT and COOL weather!

Love the bright colors, graphic prints, slouchy trousers and cut outs!

The rains have definitely been a welcoming change in this intense heat. Some outfits that I find inspiring for the upcoming 'cool' weather

(via Trendy Crew & Altamira)

How can anyone resist fur, layers and boots???

Share what you think is Hot & Cool over at Samsung's Click Savvy Poll and win a chance
to win a Netbook like mine!


Jun 15, 2010


Sketch by Lorenz Namalata

Right before leaving the country last week, I received an email that made my day! Another sketch of me by one of our  awesome readers! I really envy people who could draw. The best I could do are stick figures :( Thank you so much Lorenz!

Rock The Boat

Jun 12, 2010


Looking For Lola floral ballerina top, oversized Alexandre blazer, nude leggings, Sebago docksides, 
Aranaz bag, bangles from all over, cross necklace worn as a bracelet


Decided to give nude leggings a try! They're probably not the most flattering pair ever but I love how the peach-y tone goes well with my new two toned metallic Sebago docksides!


Whenever I think of 'The Boat Shoe' I'm always reminded of my dad, because being an avid sailor, he's been wearing them ever since I was little. So when I came across the women's version of Docksides being offered by Sebago, I knew I would love to have a pair!

After slipping into a pair, now I know why they're a favorite among young men these days --- the soft form-fitting leather makes it extremely comfy! Looks like this will definitely became a favorite for days when a lot of walking is involved.

Sebago has stores in Megamall and Trinoma.
Pop by the store for more boat shoes (they have it in pink and blue!), penny loafers and chukka boots!

Thank you Sebago!!!

Digital Daze

Jun 10, 2010


Wearing a silk digital print top gifted by my sister

Last night was my mom and sister's second to the last night here in Edinburgh before they fly out to London then Singapore. I've already taken them to most of my favorite restaurants like the Witchery, the Dome, and my recent discovery The 99 Hanover Street (their lunch deal is unreal. 99p for proper starters and main courses!). We also finally got around trying Missoni Hotel's Cucina which was amazing and worth every penny.

Really all that was left for my mom and sister to try was Fishers which we already went to last night, and The Outsider which were going to for lunch today.

Tucked in the middle of Thistle Street in New Town, Fishers is known to serve the best seafood in the city.

And last night, as per usual, it failed to disappoint.

Here's Mechie patiently waiting for her meal .

And me with my giant mussel starter! Neither me, my mom or my sister are huge fans of mussels but we collectively agreed that this was the best one in the world.

Then came my hake main course. yumm.

So sad my mummy is leaving so soon :(

Bye bye morning chats, holding hands while walking and free dinners in nice places.