Grey Gardens

Apr 30, 2010


I am a grey garden today, with rosettes sprouting out of me.

Inspired by the title of my ultimate favorite documentary.
Thanks Oli, since giving me my personal copy last Sunday I have watched nothing but.

Black and Lace. Again.

Apr 28, 2010

It must be said that I'm currently feeling a bit lost style-wise.
You all know what a fashion failure I am in summer...

I've still stuck to my lace and black, but somehow I look a bit too mainstream...trendy even.
(Shock horror!)

I cringe at the thought that Topshop girls roaming the streets of Britain would approve of my outfit.

But what's a black and lace loving girl to do?

The dream is for this trend to die of a quick heart attack.
Then I can wear my 'old news' lace in glorious defiance!

I've got impunity for wearing last season slash last century's trends , ya know.

In The Navy

Apr 27, 2010


thrifted top, American Apparel skirt, H&M bag (from Tita Sandy! Thanks!)
SM floral wedges, Zara Men hat, ARANAZ earrings  

photo credit: Mom 

I love LOVE love hats! I came across this one in Zara Men a few weeks ago and ever since
it's my go-to item for a really bad hair day! 

Anyway, in other news...I'm thankful last week is over! It was really stressful putting together two back-to-back fashion show for ARANAZ. Here are a few shots from both events --- Designs Filipino and Filipina, Bravo! 

To see more of our pieces, visit our website -- ARANAZ

Beads and Brocade

Apr 26, 2010

Done with my last essay. EVER.
Im so glad it's over, that was one of the most painful things I have ever had to write.

Ill stop with all the university chat in 3 weeks.
Then I can talk about more important things in jewelry and fashion.

ps. you all should all pre-order my lovely Lynne's new book!

This comes out in store in the fall. Topshop has just agreed to stock this little gem but you can be one of the firsts to grab a hold of it via Amazon.

Congratulations gorgeous! This book will be a total hit.

Fashion Camp

Apr 22, 2010

  Topman shirt, Pink shorts, Juan wedges

Stopped by High Street to check out SoFA's Fashion Camp for a bit!

photos taken from SoFA 

Wish I could have stayed for a workshop or two!

Tried to do the whole street style sort of thing....but I accidentally deleted a whole bunch of shots. These were the only ones that made it. Sorry :)

Dreaming in Ethnicolor

Apr 21, 2010

"Dreaming in Ethnicolor"
ARANAZ Tribal Luxe Collection

Model: Kara Gozali | Photographer: Bia Catbagan | Styling: Rosanna Aranaz | 
Make Up: Anjie Gogna | Assisted by: Mara Bautista 

It's finally FINALLY finally done!
I can finally breathe...well until Friday that is. 

If dreams came true...

Apr 20, 2010

I would be on another holiday right now.

Instead I'm writing the most boring essay known to mankind and revising for an exam. Life.

Chain Mail

Apr 17, 2010

Bend & Snap body chain, 
Topshop tank, R.A.F pants, H&M boots, Cosmopolitan belt
  photo credit: Mom 

Wearing a body chain created by my friend, Risa of Bend & Snap.

I love all her handmade jewelry but her shoulder accessories
have to be my favorite!

via Bend & Snap

PS. Bend & Snap sells equally pretty clothes too!!!!

Wear and Tear

Apr 14, 2010


Topshop shirt, Lace top from Anthology, Zara jeans, Aldo shoes, Aranaz bag

Spent the day running a whole bunch of tasks for a fashion show ARANAZ is joining next week!

With Mara and and Dani who helped me out during the fitting! Thanks guys :)


Then Dani, my partner in Looking For Lola, and I dropped off a couple of pieces for
Looking For Lola's Summer Sale


Please visit Looking for Lola at Retail Lab, Power Plant mall! We will be slashing 50% OFF EVERYTHING! Dani and I are excited to bring in a fresh batch of vintage so we need to make room! This sale will run from Wed til Sun, April 18!

 PS. Shop!LMDU has been updated! Check it out :)