I couldn't resist

Jan 31, 2009

My mom has always had a slight obsession with woven leather. She had this pair of black woven leather Cole Haan shoes that she absolutely adored to death. Like I'm not even kidding when I say that she wore them until the sole fell off and the weaves got so loose that her little toe started peeping out of it. And even then she still tried to wear them out. Pang-'palengke!' daw. haha.

It's funny how my mom and I are so different. While I am ocassionaly lured into 'fast fashion', she only buys things that last her for a minimum of 10 years. In fact, her favorite dark wash Versace jeans (bought in the days when Linea Italia was still hip) are now white! You know how tapered high waisted jeans are all the rage now? Well, my mother has been wearing them for the last decade! Ha!

Ok, what was I talking about again? Aha, woven leather! I know my mom has been secretly wanting to get a Bottega Veneta for a while now because the house is a master when it comes to weaved leather goods. I don't know why she's never come around to actually purchasing one...maybe she's just way too prudent to buy something something that she can't wear every single day.

Well, fear not Mom because as of today we are proud owners of not one but two Bottegas!

(i realize telling your mom you've maxed your card via blogging probably isn't the best way to break the news. oh well.)

Killer Queen

Jan 29, 2009


(source: foto decadent)

I think I'd kill to look this "cool". But if I even attempt to pull this off
 I'd probably look like a little kid playing dress up...hahahah! 
Anyway, I'm really loving this editorial, 
plus that top/vest in the last photo is so Lanphear-ian!!! 
♥ ♥ ♥

Hole-y Moley

Jan 28, 2009


thrifted tank, U cardigan, H&M jeans, fringed sandals from HK
photo credit: My fabulously chic sister, Amina

After class today, I had this quick shoot for a local magazine called MEG
where I had to demonstrate how to DIY a beach bag (because I'm "crafty" like that! hahaha!).
 So when summer comes, make sure to grab a copy of MEG's April issue. 
I'll be sure to scan it and post it for everyone else to read! 

What do you guys think of these boots from Forever21...should I get them?

Special shout out to one of my favorite readers.......Belated Happy Birthday RG!!!! (yiheeee! hahahaha)

Why am I not living in Madrid again????


DAY 2:

Fooling around Mango in Fuencarral

Outside Palacio Real
What's a trip to Spain without some yummy churros con chocolate?

Bazaar, Chueca: I had this veal with mashed potato in red wine and mushroom sauce. So good. *Salivates

Lauren's chicken pastry dish. I took a bite of this and wanted to eat everything! (Of course I didnt..I did not want to face the wrath of HUNGRY LAUREN)

Chocolatissimo: if you must eat only one dessert in Madrid. Let this be it.

Burnt Caramel Pudding : Also muy muy rico!

Pablo and I clearly couldnt get enough of it!!!
Hahahha! Lauren in the costume museum.

Our last night and the only decent photo we have together :D

Ah, i want to go back. like now.

My Spanish love affair (This is a long one)

Jan 26, 2009

Aah, I'm back from one of the best holidays Ive ever had in my LIFE.

It's funny how the novelty of being in Spain never wears off. My first Spain trip was back when I was in grade 5 with my family and Ive been going there almost every year since 2nd year high school - with different people, experiencing different things, leaving with different memories but ALWAYS having an amazing kick-ass time! I know lots of people who feel a real affinity for certain countries/cities. And usually it's for cities like New York, Paris or London..and I love these cities too (actually, i take that back. im not the biggest fan of paris) but no other city in world stirs me like Madrid and Santander. And no other country makes me giddy the way Spain does.

This trip was beyond what I expected it to be. I went with my amazing friends Sarah and Lauren and it was just pure silliness from start to end!

Said silliness involved:

1) Lauren climbing up a statue for a photo op (it was a meter above the ground) in Parque Retiro. A guy high on crack wanted to carry her down to which she replied: 'No thanks, Hanna tell him I want to enjoy the view from up here a little longer!'

2) Sarah using an African shampoo she found in her room and waking up with a massive afro!

3)Perving around the Madrid Metro- Uh, there was this beautiful man who was staring (not in a creepy way i might add) at us the entire time we were at the train..so when we reached our stop we decided to wait for his train car to wave goodbye to him! When he spotted us he couldn't stop laughing. Im sure that made his day.

Actually, make that perving around Madrid. So many hot guys, so little time! Im telling you we are DEPRIVED in Edinburgh.

4) Seeing Pablo my favourite Spanish person in the world (who I first met when I was 14. I cant believe it has been that long). Him showing us around and us using him as our personal photographer. Haha! He's such a wonderful boy - great manners, intelligent, funny and very sociable. Sarah and Lauren absolutely adored him. Pablo Fan Club much?!

5) Hiding from Lauren when she fell asleep in the Metro. You should have seen her face when she woke up and we were no where in sight. Terrified Lauren Face is the best.

6) Stuffing our faces with food glorious food.

If youre in Madrid go to Bazaar and Vivares37. Both are in Chueca and both have absolutely stunning and delicious food.

Get the swordfish with clams and the blueberry cheesecake in Vivares and order chocolatissimo in Bazaar. It will be a sin to not try the two when you are in Madrid.

7) Taking crazy photos in Mango, Fuencarral while Sarah shopped! They wanted to kick us out by the time she was done.

8) Watching an experimental version of Hamlet in The Retiro Theater that explored Hamlet's phsyche. Walked out after 20 minutes of it. haha.

9) Going to the Museo del Traje/Costume Museum which also happens to be my favourite museum in the WORLD. It was so great to have Lauren and Sarah (both of them study costume design) educate me about the design, craftmanship and the historical references of all the clothes.

Visiting Museo de la Reina Sofia, Madrid's contemporary art museum where we saw some Dali and Picasso. Lauren, who is a modern art fanatic, was in heaven.

10) A random man taking a picture with us when we were in Puerta del Sol. So random. So Madrid. I love it.

11)Typing Isabel's (my other friend who was suppose to go with us but flaked because she needed to go to Paris with Gareth Pugh) fake details in 'Hard'jet's website because we couldnt print our boarding pass.

Name: Isabel Wong
Citizen of : Costa Blanca
Country of Birth: Bhutan
Birthdate: 23/10/1910
Document Number: 123456

12) Uh, way too many to mention so Ill stop here.

The funny thing is, everytime Im there, I get the feeling that it loves me back.

Some snapshots from our first day:

Vivares: c/Hortaleza, 37
Go there for an epic meal!

Pictures of day 2 to follow!

Yes, Please!

Jan 24, 2009


Out of all the outfits, I'm loving the first one the most. 
After reading Hanna's post on finding the perfect, comfiest pants, 
those long johns look pretty appealing to me. 

Oh and those peep toe ankle boots??? 
Where in Manila can I find a similar pair?
I love them!

We've been tagged by Sing Me Songs.

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Me, my two friends Monique and Bianca

This photo was taken 2 halloweens ago (my hair was still so long...) when my really talented friends (Steph and Nadz) did our crazy halloween make up before we ended up having some random outdoor picnic. Fun fun night!

Other pictures from that night...
Check out the crazy eyebrows!
Having a picnic...in the dark...on halloween...and scaring ourselves silly! 

Moon Safari

Jan 21, 2009


thrifted top, Topshop skirt, Celine shoes, H&M belt

Today's weather reminded me of the dreaded summer heat...a not so nice change from the past week's "cold" weather. So instead of the blacks, greys and whites that I've been wearing lately, I opted for khaki. Whenever I think of khaki, I think of summer, deserts, safaris, and the Crocodile Hunter (May he rest in peace!). I do hope this hot humid weather is only temporary because I'm not yet ready to kiss my blazers and sweaters goodbye! 

P.S. I really want to thank everyone for their comments in my last post! It's so overwhelming, I can't reply to each one :) So thanks!!!!

Pleats + Drapes

Jan 20, 2009


Yesterday, I went on a hunt for a pair of comfortable trousers that I can wear in the airplane for my trip to Madrid this Friday. I've pretty much sworn off track pants (unless I'm heading to the gym. Actually, I dont even wear it to the gym. I wear jazz pants instead) or leggings (I hear you, Blair! Tights/Leggings=same difference) so there really weren't many options left for me. I was determined to find my 'plane pants' anyway so I braved the snow and headed over to Topshop, Zara and H&M in the hopes of finding something chic and comfortable. I left the 3 shops with 3 tops, 3 skirts, and a pair of gorgeous structured black pants...but my elusive 'plane pants' were still no where to be found.

By the time I entered House of Fraisers, I had seriously lost all hope of ever finding them. That was, until I saw these black draped cotton jersey pants! I am in love with them. The side drapes fall beautifully and they are so seriously comfy...I'm thinking of wearing them to bed when I get tired of wearing them out. :)

pleated white shirt: G2000, pants: Warehouse, bag: Balenciaga, Belt: New Look, Shoes: Charles and Keith, Accessories: Warehouse, Sunglasses: from Malaysia