Birthday 2010 Giveaway #2

Jul 30, 2010

July and August is our birthday month. Rosanna's birthday falls on the 30th of July (today!) and Hanna's is on the 23rd of August. To celebrate we will be having a series of birthday giveaways for our readers from all our different sponsors. Starting today until the end of August.

GIVEAWAY Schedule:
July  25 - Day #1
July 30 - Day #2
August 6 - Day #3
August 13 - Day #4
August 20 - Day #5
August 27 - Day #6
August 31 - Day #7

How to join:
1. "Like" the giveaway post found on the blog
2. Leave a comment with your name and email address.
3. Follow us on, facebook or on blogger.
4. Winners will be chosen via

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Tweet about it ( or blog about the giveaway!

The winner of our first giveaway---  a £25 voucher from is
Merily of Sequin Magazine 

Up next...

Puntera flats from Suelas!
(winner gets to pick size and color!) 

SUELAS is an innovative footwear concept for the modern woman on the go. Designed with the challenges facing a contemporary urban lifestyle in mind, SUELAS shoes are ultra-comfortable, practical and yet stylish ballet flats that cater to every woman's footwear needs. To describe them as flexible would be an understatement since SUELAS shoes are exactly that: a novel design model that allows the footwear to be packed and stored in purses and handbags which would negate the need for separate and bulky paper bags and shoe bags. For the worldly travelers, SUELAS is perfect for the jet set life as it only takes up the teeniest of space in your luggage.

SUELAS shoes are truly the remedy to the fashionable woman's logistical and mobile problems. Tired after a long day at work and with social functions to attend to? Trying to commute home with the mad rush hour throng? Doing some last minute shopping in your pumps and stilettos? Looking forward to a fun evening of crazy dancing?

(via Suelas)

What do we love about Suelas?
We could easily flatten it, fold it up and pop it into our bags!!

Don't forget to keep checking out our blog for our next giveaways!

(bday giveaway banner image from

Viva Vintage

Jul 28, 2010

vintage dress, Alice + Olivia for Payless platforms, Zara hat
photo credit: Mom

I'm more than halfway done with the Mystery Hair Care brand's 14 day challenge! 
The secret shampoo and conditioner are almost used up and I've definitely
noticed some improvements! 

1. My waves are less tangled, less dry and surprisingly not as frizzy!

2. I love the scent! Ask my friend, Bianca, who definitely agrees that it smells a lot better than my last shampoo!!! It even combats the smell of smoke after a night out!

3. Hairbrushes and I don't get along. I could go for days without giving my hair a good brushing. A routine consists of a quick run through with a comb while it's wet and hat's it! Brushing it while it's dry makes my hair frizzier, poofier and it flattens out my waves. I hate brushing my hair! Believe me, my mom used to run after me with a hairbrush. Come to think of it, she still does! Now using this shampoo and conditioner has made my hair a lot easier to manage without a nightly brushing routine. Yay! I can air dry it, sleep on it and wake up to a bed of curls without looking like a train wreck!


My favorite accessory to compliment a hairstyle? A pretty hat! The one I'm wearing
is from Zara Men. I love looking through the men's section for great finds!

Just like you guys, I'm excited to find out what the brand is! Find out on August 1!
Want to know more about the mystery shampoo?
Visit their website and request a sample a for you to try!!!

Take the 14 day challenge yourself and win a chance to win a Blackberry Bold, Ayala GCs and more!

Don't forget to join the (which ends tomorrow night!) and Rootote giveaway!!!
Plus watch out for the Little Miss Dress Up birthday giveaway series that starts on July 30!

Super Sale Bazaar!

Jul 27, 2010

The SuperSale Team has been dipping its toes into Fall fashion while wallowing that Summer is over. Maybe it’s just us, but there’s something about Summer and we just cant let go of it. Although we are already bored with our Summer outfits we are still testing the waters of Fall fashion. This time of year, we want to explore the many ways to mix our Summer pieces as we prepare our hearts to fall for Fall. Fortunately the team once again rounded up top brands in the international and local scene for the 5th time and running. This July 30 -August 1, 2010, the SuperSale Bazaar will make it easier for shoppers to spruce up their wardrobe by debuts of upcoming brands and offering fashionistas marked down prices from our much loved labels.

From Friday to Sunday at 10am to 9pm, we are offering a revving sartorial magic to help quell those frenzied feelings of adjusting to this transitional phase. The Rockwell Tent will pay homage once again to our favorite local and imported designers and brands like Charina Sarte, Tan Gan, Michael Antonio, Moonshine, BeCe Manila, Glitterati, Paez Shoes, Paul&Joe, Cosmopolitan, Street Beat Boutique, Vida Jewelries, Cocomo Beachwear, Vanilla Label, Eight One, Anthology shoes, Sole Service, Trove, Bolsito Bags, Summersault, Iconique, Soule Phenomenon, Pearl&eve, Suelas and many more.

It's a well-known fact that the fashion world is peppered with the right brands and fashion coveters from trendsetter icons to stylish fashion followers. That’s why this event, we will house the biggest names in the industry under one tent. As Summer fades away, Fall is in full swing and that probably means updating your closet with jackets, lace and brocade dresses, and navy blues. We are here to give you the latest trends and best bargains of the current season to polish off that nearly perfect high-season look.

Rootote Blog Giveaway

Jul 26, 2010


The last round of the Great Rootote Blog Giveaway 
starts today here at Little Miss Dress Up!

We'll be giving away this tote with a key design that we chose ourselves!

What makes ROOTOTE unique from other bags?
(via Rootote website)

1. The revolutionary ROO-POCKETS - Located at the side of the bags, they are the perfect solution for those who carry their whole lives with them. No more wasting time looking for things inside your bag. No more embarrassing moments when you can't find your pen, keys, card, etc.

2. INNER POCKETS - Organize your life with the built-in pockets inside the bags. No more chaos.

3. CUTE DESIGNS - ROOTOTE comes in two styles - tall (vertical bag) and medium (horizontal bag) and in various designs per season. The bags are from Japan and are designed by cutting edge Japanese graphic artists. Don't worry each design comes in limited quantities so you know you won't keep bumping into everyone with the same bag.

4. ECO-FRIENDLY - The bags are made of durable canvas and polyester so you can use it to lug around your purchases when you go shopping. No need for plastic bags! Plus, the Medium bags are eco-laminated (instead of PVC) so there's less harm on the environment. Less carbon footprint! 

Want your own?
Here's how to win one:
1. Leave a comment with your name and email address! 
2. Be a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or add us to your blog roll!

ASOS Giveaway!

Jul 25, 2010

(via ASOS Spring/Summer 2010 lookbook)

We’ve got some pretty awesome freebies  
We'll be giving away one £25 voucher!

All you have to do is leave a comment that answers this question ---
If you could pack your bags and leave for the best holidays right now, 
which top 3 destinations would you go for?

We'll be randomly picking a winner from our readers! 
Contest ends on July 29 

(PS. Also watch out for a birthday giveaway series that starts on Rosanna's birthday, July 30!
Plus our ROOTOTE giveaway begins TOMORROW!) 

Ready, Set, Sale!


Get up to 70% off from major brands such as Robinsons Department Store, Toys R Us, Giordano Ladies, Giordano Concepts, Bluestar Exchange, Crocs, Space, Fletcher, She, Nike, Nike Golf, Ipanema, Kanebo, Prestige, So Fab, Paperdolls, Levi's, Dockers, Sunnex, Goody, The Flower Collection and many more!

Shop until you drop from the the metro's most promising brands such as Poisonberry, Apartment 8, Coexist, Sinta, Cintura, Cole Vintage, Suelas, Shoeology, Jean and Rosz, Pill, Coexist, Ichigo, Purse Podium, Olivia & Fifth, Quirks Novelties and Curiosities, Eight.One, and etc.

And eat to your heart's content with delectable delights from McDonalds, Yellow Cab, Original Savory, Rufus Tapa, Fruit Magic, Yoghurt Froz, Icing's, Our Cookie Jar, Yoshi's Ice Cream, FIC, Picole, and more.
The biggest sale is about to dock with 150 booths of pure shopping and dining pleasure!

Watch out for different raffle prizes and gift certificates that will be drawn away during both days.

See you at
PORT88: Ready, Set, SALE!
July 31-August 1
MEGATENT Events Venue
Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center

For a complete list of participating commercial and online brands, discounts, freebies and other details do visit us on Facebook.

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Jul 24, 2010

Im back.

Rip Curl

Jul 22, 2010

Shredded top from Willow Clothing at The Ramp Crossings, SM shorts
Topshop oxfords, H&M necklace, H&M bag, vintage earrings

photo credit: Mom

Currently loving this top from Willow Clothing at The Ramp Crossings. I first noticed
the shredded detail and knew it had to be an addition to my closet! 

Worn with one of my favorite finds from my trip to New York last year -- hot pink oxfords from Topshop!

PS. Don't forget to join the 14 day challenge over at the Mystery Hair Care brand's site!

The Netbook

photo credit: Miguel

I've been using my Samsung netbook (seen in this post) for a while now and
I love how it's so quick and easy to use. Plus, it's really so easy to bring around on days
when I'll be away from my desktop.

If you remember from a couple of posts back, I mentioned that Samsung was giving away Netbooks.
Just wanted to congratulate the winners, Rogelio Torres Jr.  and Kimberly Claire Tan!
I'm sure you'll enjoy your netbooks as much as I do!



Jul 18, 2010

Zara top, Zara skirt, vintage cross necklace
 photo credit: my sister, Amina

  My sister once told me that my waves add so much character to my entire outfit. I guess that's my own version of Hairography (as the kids of Glee like to call it!). Trust me, in pictures, my hair looks decent. Unfortunately in real life, it could get pretty unruly! Much to the horror of my mom,  there are days where it remotely resembles a bird's nest!
When I was younger, I've always wanted straight hair! It seems so much easier to maintain this tangled, frizzy mane of mine.I spent most of my teenage life, attempting to straighten 
it but it always failed. So I decided to do the opposite and love my waves instead!!!


I received a package in the mail (I LOVE snail mail!) that contained shampoo and conditioner by a Mystery Hair Care Brand that promises a transformation in 14 days! Since 2010 is about trying new things, I decided to give the challenge a shot :) I can't wait to see if this shampoo and conditioner can actually tame the frizz while maintaining the waves that I have grown to love.  

Want to join me in this 14 day challenge??? 
Request a free sample over at the Mystery Hair Care Brand site! Go for the challange and get a chance to win a Blackberry Bold, Ayala and the Spa gift certificates, Moleskins and an Enjoy Card! 


Jul 15, 2010

In Spain.
In love.

All over again.

Lazy Day Denim

Jul 14, 2010

Brother's sweatshirt, vintage denims, denim clogs from Hong Kong

After last night's storm, everything is back to normal! I hope everyone is okay

Too lazy to get dressed today because the strong winds were keeping me up. So I just grabbed the comfiest thing I could find and spent the day in the mall, where we charged all our laptops and phones in the store. 

Anyway, now I'm back home and thank God we have electricity and internet connection again.
I really have no idea how we all used to survive without the internet, I thought I was losing my mind last night! Hahahaha!

Don't forget to join the Rootote Giveaway over at Thirsty Thought this week!
July 5 – Manila Fashion Observer at (congrats to the winner!)
July 12 – Thirsty Thought at
July 19 – Kikay Exchange at
July 26 – Little Miss Dress Up  at

Caught In A Web

Jul 10, 2010

Cobweb top from Greenhills (worn asymmetrical), jersey dress from SM, 
bag from Bangkok, vintage scarf, Zara belt, Charles Jourdan heels

photo credit: Mom

Finally wore this cobweb top I found in Greenhills a few months back.
It was one of those impulse buys which I ended up regretting. For my nephew's
baptism, I decided to wear it one sleeve done and I think I'm liking it all
over again. I love finding new 'old' clothes in the back of my closet!

Looking For Lola is back online!!!

Jul 9, 2010


LOOKING FOR LOLA @ THE RETAIL LAB in Rockwell is currently under renovation!

Art Class

Jul 5, 2010

I received another sketch from one of readers! This time from Christine of Big Bangs Theory (such a cute name for a blog!) :) 
Thanks so much!

 Also Hanna and I are inviting all you guys to join
The Great Great ROOTOTE Blog Promo!
For adorable and reusable shoppers head over to
Manila Fashion Observer and check out her giveaway!

Little Miss Dress Up will be giving away one in the following weeks as well!

Here's the schedule:
July 5 - Manila Fashion Observer at
July 12 - Thirsty Thought at
July 19 - Kikay Exchange at
July 26 - Little Miss Dress Up  at

Evolution of Style?

Jul 1, 2010



I just realized that Little Miss Dress Up is nearly two, so I decided to go through old posts all the way back to our first 'unofficial' blog. H, can you believe how long it's been?!?!?! (Look! My hair was still short. What was I thinking?!?!?) Looking back, I'd like to think that my style has evolved and has toned down just a little a bit, with me opting for more classic and chic pieces. Taking a cue from my fellow blogger, Hanna, my wardrobe has undergone a transformation = less color, more neutrals. It's a nice change don't you think?

Next thing on my to do list?
1.  Keep closet neat and organized (I'll try!)
2. Go classic
3. Invest in high quality items 
4. Quit spending on overly trendy fashion 
(now with Forever21 around this is going to be very VERY very hard to do!) 
5. Continue blogging!!!

Make a change for yourself too! 
Join the I Commit To Change fan page on Facebook
or follow them on Twitter