Dec 29, 2009

Wearing all the contents of my wardrobe in one go. This is my solution when attempting to brave the minus nine.

Now if only I can find a solution to the tricky toilet problem.

For peeling layers upon layers does my bladder no favors.

Some things that gave me some MUCH needed Christmas cheer :

50s beaded turban from an estate sale

Green Eyes

The little sneak has been crawling all over my clothes. Here he's found my 60's head cover.

I look at him and I have to laugh (much like the reaction Sean Kingston elicits) , he ALWAYS looks like he's on a mission.

Hope you all had a better Christmas than me! :D

Mixed Prints

Dec 27, 2009

H&M dress, thrifted blazer, beaded necklace, P10 earrings, Nine West sandals

No surprise here! My favorite dress again.You guys must be sick of it! Hahaha!
The holidays have been so so so busy! Can't wait for next year to begin though!

PS. Notice how my camera has been taking blurry pictures lately? There's something wrong with the automatic focus thingy. Would any of you guys know why? :(

Ho Ho Holiday!

Dec 25, 2009

To Our Readers:

Bow + Lace

Dec 24, 2009

Anna Sui top, thrifted skirt, Topman bow tie, Aranaz bags and shoes from

A few days ago I received an extra special surprise from Monica Fig Chaussures --- the French Bulldog booties I've been lusting over for months!
 Anyway I finally got the chance to wear them last night during my family's annual Christmas get together where everyone oooh-ed and ahh-ed over these beauties.

Thank you so so so much Monica! They're perfect :)


photo by nick knight via google images

So sorry it took forever for us to post the winners! Busy busy holiday schedule!
Anyway after randomly picking the winners, we want to congratulate

Nissy for winning the Olivia & Fifth skirt

Regina for winning the Museum dress/cover up

Thank you Olivia & Fifth and Museum for sponsoring our giveaway!
Thanks everyone for joining! Will be answering your questions in an upcoming post!

Flat Rant

Dec 18, 2009

When I decided to move to Scotland, I was just as excited about the prospects of living alone as receiving quality education. Thankfully, my parents decided to put me up in my own studio apartment. Heaven knows that I would have died a little death everyday if I had to live in Pollock. Sure,the exteriors of university halls aren't so bad..I daresay even beautiful for some of the older ones, but one step inside and you risk losing yourself in chaos. Everything is a mess and devoid of any elegance and style.

I'm thankful that I've managed to make a home out of my apartment for the past 4 years. However, as much as I love my place, I have a nagging feeling that it's time to move on. For one, false fire alarms are becoming all too frequent (and at ungodly hours like 3am as well). Secondly, I've had to deal with unreasonable and inconsiderate neighbors (One insisted on smoking on our non-smoking floor. Ive had the displeasure of writing him an uncharitable, angry letter involving an expletive which I wish I had not used) Lastly, my ceiling has been leaking for weeks and the maintenance has yet to repair it (I am thisclose to writing another angry letter. God, restrain me). But for all its faults and imperfections, it still is my home away from home and it has served me well over the years.

The best part about it? THIS! I still get excited when I open my windows to this magnificent view. I have countless pictures of it in my computer because the novelty never seems to wear off and I never seem to tire of it.

I've just realized that there is no point to what I am writing... but I've already rambled far too long to delete it all. Separation Anxiety does crazy things. So on another happy and completely unrelated note to end this pointless post, I got this lurvely brooch among other wonderful goodies from my secret santa at work! I love it so so much. Whoever got it did very well. Thank you :D

Last Call for our Christmas Giveaway

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Bam Bam

Dec 16, 2009

chiffon top, Flintstone costume skirt, DKNY heels, thrifted belt, Aranaz Ropas cuff

Can you believe this was my skirt back when I was 7? I wore it to my Flintstone themed birthday party. No...I don't have my seven year old self's waistline (how i wish i did though!!!) I think the garter just loosened up after years of storage.

Head Nest

Dec 15, 2009

I have a feeling that any minute now,
a magpie is going to land on my head to lay its egg.

ARANAZ Ropas Holiday 2009 Collection

Dec 13, 2009

Finally!!!! What's been keeping me and my sister, Amina, busy for weeks ---
ARANAZ Ropas y Complementos

In stores next week.
Power Plant | Greenbelt 5

Little Miss Dress Up Christmas Giveaway!!!

Dec 11, 2009

We wanted to share the Christmas spirit with you guys.
So with extra special thanks to Museum Clothing and Olivia & Fifth,
this year we'll be giving TWO of our readers a little something

The Marc sheer skirt in navy by Olivia & Fifth


Magnolia dress/cover up by Museum

All you have to do is leave us a short question (through a comment or an email) and your name and email address! Also follow us on blogger or BlogLovin' . Two winners will be chosen at random later this week. We'll be answering your questions in a succeeding post. So go ahead and ask us ANYTHING!!!

The giveaway ends next Sunday, December 20 and is open for all our international readers as well!

Shirt Skirt

Dec 10, 2009

Zara motorcycle jacket, Mom's old Gotex shirt worn as a skirt, Topshop tank, Urban Outfitters tanktop
photo credit: Mumsy

I love how "cold" it's been lately! Watch me force the issue and wear jackets everyday under the blistering sun. Hahahaha!

PS. Spot the difference

Looking For Lola LUXE


Lola Luxe Lookbook
One of kind vintage pieces which have been fully reworked, deconstructed
and customized from Looking For Lola.
Being released this weekend at The Retail Lab!
2/F Power Plant Mall, Archaeology Section :)


Dec 9, 2009

Top: HM, Skirt: Oasis, Earrings: Jul Dizon, Everything else vintage.

This afternoon, I was saddened to receive news of Jul Dizon's passing. She was a great woman of elegance, substance and wisdom whose remarkable warmth paralleled her tremendous talent.

She will be remembered, not only for the marvelous jewels she has concocted, but by her humble and generous spirit.
More than being just a jeweler, she forged friendships with her clients, even extending the same kindness to a client's daughter (ie. me). Everything she did was tasteful and personal. T
he flower and fruit arrangements she would send to our home, for example, always came with a hand-written note.

She led a beautiful life. A legend in her own right.

Moorish Marvels

Dec 7, 2009

I consider the Al-Hambra and the Topkapi two of my favorite architectures in the world. This is, of course, in keeping with my obsession with all things Moorish. As a teenage traveler in Granada, I remember being fascinated by the intricate details of the arabesques dominating the palace. I think that craftsmen back then were very clever to artfully play with light. I dont think there is anything more romantic than letting light pass through patterned stencils to cast lace shadows.

How very different these wooden light catchers are from stained glass windows.
So tacky, in my opinion. I will have none of it in my future home!
When I was in Turkey last year, I was able to see yet another amazing alcazar. Splendor and decadence is infused in every inch of the Topkapi. I'm telling you, Istanbul is visual heaven. Not to mention food heaven. Turkish cuisine is absolutely delectable. They have this chickpea rice dish that is joy in every mouthful. I was also mildly obsessed with a street food called simit, which is sort of like pretzel..but infinitely better.Now back to arabesque wood art. Imagine my excitement when I was handed this carved Moorish cuff by my antique dealer last weekend. I adore him cause he always stashes a bagful of goodies for me which means I get first dibs on all his marvelous gems.
He is handsome in real life. The flash makes it seem like there are white bits in the carving, but there's none of that in actual reality. I'm thinking of wearing him with my grandma's double happiness cuff on my other wrist to keep me on balance.

I'm so happy to have one thing ticked off my MUST have list.

Next items that need ticking?

A blackamoor with emeralds, diamonds, and rubies. And a gem encrusted manina.

Both by Nardi.
Both haunting me day and night.

photos from Sothebys.


Dec 4, 2009

Thrifted top, Zara Motorcycle jacket, Topshop skirt, F21 shoes, ARANAZ bag

Took a series of shots in my sister's apartment while I was waiting for her to get dressed! Was going to keep it all in black and white until I realized you guys won't see all the detail :)

PS. We just found out that we were nominated in Tongue in Chic's Annual Style Awards!!!
Please vote for us here! Thanks!!!


Nov 30, 2009

Just a quick update before I run to the library.
This post is going to be highly incoherent and all over the place, so bear with me.


I'm thinking of chopping the top bit of this dress and converting it to a bib.
Jersey fabrics generally annoy me, and this dress is winding me up.

How lovely is this jade butterfly that has decided to take momentary residence atop my finger?

I got them from my last visit to Singapore. They've got diamonds for a thorax and an abdomen, a diamond leaf for friend and an 18 karat white gold branch to rest in. Nothing less than the best for these two posh butterflies.
(Who would have thought that I could identify with a ring!)


I don't know what I was trying to prove with the idiotic second pose.
My jaw looks phenomenal though (very rare occurrence), so I thought I'd share.

I wore both my grans on my finger and wrist yesterday. The jade ring was nonchalantly presented to me along with a carved pink quartz pendant (as seen in the preceding outfit) by my wonderful maternal grandmother after a casual afternoon visit to her house. The pearl ring and turquoise/coral double happiness cuff, on the other hand, are among my inheritance from my paternal grandmother who I miss ever so dearly.

Ps. A big shout out and a million thanks to Lynne and my fashion partner Sans:

The Evening News.

Lynne also wrote about our car-boot experience, but I couldn't get a proper scan because technology hates me.

The Inquirer

You can read the article online if you've missed the broadsheet
. :)