A few of my favorite things

Jan 29, 2010

1. My black swan dress

2. My two handsome blackamoors. I'm sure you've met them before.

3. My most recent acquisition: a silver lapis lazuli ring

4. New vintage jewels:
Little toad on a lily pad
Mini specs
Turquoise brooch
Starburst diamante pin
Fleur de lis earclips

Just came back from the theater to see Connie Fisher perform in the Sound of Music. I had the time of my life! I have a feeling the high is going to last the entire week. I'm certain my friends are wishing that it would go away sooner. They are thisclose to disowning me because I keep on making annoying Sound of Music references...

My sister has just recently started a website
Visit her at Lab Experimenta :D

Morning Light

Jan 24, 2010

Vintage lace top, F21 shorts, R.A.F vest, Possibility shoes from The Ramp, accessories from Bangkok
(Thanks so much to the fabulous people at Crossings who apparently read our blog!!! ü )

So I finally got to wear my new shoes which I got about a two weeks ago at The Ramp.
Wore it to watch Avatar which didn't live up to the hype (for me at least!). It was good but it wasn't that AMAAAZING. It actually reminded me of Fern Gully...remember that cartoon they made us watch back in elementary???

Tongue in Chic Style Awards

Jan 23, 2010

Picture 10Picture 9

We came in 2nd for Tongue in Chic's Annual Style Awards!
Thanks for voting for us!

Hot off the press!

Jan 19, 2010

Little Miss Dress Up featured on the Edinburgh Evening News :

Again, many thanks for the kind words Ms. Mccrossan.

Ps. Love the new pic on the insert! You look ferosh. ;D


Jan 18, 2010


My mom's dress, Urban Outfitters sandals, accessories from all over, vintage scarf

photo credit: My brother

A photo from my trip over Christmas Break!

Emma Rockett

Jan 15, 2010

Fashion world, take note of this name!

I love them both, Rockett!
Never have I met 2 dresses that fit me so very well.

My darling friend Emma, who is currently on the final leg of her Fashion Design degree at ECA is amazing in a thousand and one ways. Not only can this woman create wearable art, she can cook some pretty mean baked chicken with stuffed bacon and pesto too. (Her boyfriend Richard, on the other hand, makes the yummiest pommes dauphinoise and lemon cheesecake!) It should not come as a surprise that without fail, I always gain 5 pounds after an evening in their flat.

Back to Emma and her lovely creations. Imagine the thrills creeping through every inch of me when she handed me 2 dress from her collection last night. It was love at first sight.

I will wear them loud and proud, Em. People will admire my Rockett original. You'll see... :D

Furry Friends

Jan 13, 2010

My two foxy collars, Edie and Luisa (pictured below). And Javier my sexy hat.
Three loyal friends who have carried me thus far through the British big freeze.

First of all, no animals were harmed in making this blog entry. All of my furry friends are faux and fabulous. Not that I have anything against wearing real fur. To be honest, I'd probably have a collection of vintage fur if it weren't such a pain to have them professionally cleaned. Anyway, I don't want to get into the political incorrectness of wearing pelt. Taking a stance against fur would be hyper-hypocritical of someone who could masticate a good rack of ribs in under 5 minutes, wears (and loves the smell of) leather, and lives for the heavenly sensation of foie gras melting in their mouth. All three charges I'd have to plead guilty to.

Oh Javier! He gets a lot of attention and receives a ton of compliments from the ladies when we go out on a date.

I purchased him en route to work last Saturday. I had overslept the night before and didn't have time to sort out my hair the next morning so I quickly popped by Jenners where Javier offered to remedy the situation. All the girls at work thought I had chosen well.

Who knew that the product of tardiness and a bad hair day could turn out so lovely. We have been inseparable since.

Also, lookie lookie! I got this embroidered and boned suspender belt from La Senza for an incredibly unreal bargainous price of 25p. As you can tell from my outfit today, I have every intention of wearing it as an actual belt.

A picture of the lovely Luisa. :D

Shop Little Miss Dress Up

Jan 12, 2010


The Little Misses are excited to introduce our online shop, Shop!Little Miss Dress Up.
Here we'll be posting some of our favorite fashion finds from both our closets AND from our travels that we would love to share with our readers!

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The Clash

Jan 8, 2010


floral dress from Bangkok, Looking For Lola jacket (currently being sold in Rockwell), 
Monica Fig booties

I can't believe the holidays are officially over! Now that all the festivities and vacations are done it's finally time to go back to normal :(But looking back, 2009 was a pretty awesome year. Can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for us!


Jan 4, 2010

Beauty in restriction.