Heavy Metal

Apr 30, 2009



I found a pack of studs in the factory yesterday afternoon
and last night I decided to be productive because
I thought I would be needing "walking" shoes

We Love Modepass

Apr 28, 2009

There's nothing I like more than browsing sites that's dedicated to fashion. I'm sure you guys have all heard of Chictopia and Lookbook right? Now I'd like to introduce you to another fashion network site that is becoming one of my favorites!

Modepass, is an online fashion community that showcases more than its members' everyday outfits! Its a venue for everyone to share their personal styles and inspirations through videos, pictures, groups, and articles!

So I'm inviting you all to join Modepass and if you join on behalf of Little Miss Dress Up, you have the chance to win a $100 voucher (on no particular brand!)! Modepass will be selecting a one of our readers that will register....so I suggest you guys join NOW!

How To Join:
1) Visit Modepass.com
2) Sign Up
3) Go to My Account
4) Go to Edit my profile
5) Go to the section: "Who I am"
6) In the field "Addicted to", write Little Miss Dress Up

To our Filipino readers,
I think its about time we show off Manila style!
Join Modepass today!

PS. I've started my page so add me! http://modepass.com/littlemissR -- Rosanna

This ENDS ON MAY 15!

lets play & pretend

Apr 27, 2009


(hedislimane diary)

Because I spend 99% of my day online (i KNOW i have no life!!!) , I usually come across A LOT of really beautiful things. From photos to videos to music to graphics...I have folders and folders of files which I've found and saved to my computer. Since I like to share, I decided to set up another blog. So if you're bored and love all things pretty...
check out my other blog, Play & Pretend , and start following as well:


Super Sunday!

Sunday Snapshots:

jacket: topshop, top: hm, shorts: zara, belt: vintage, sunglasses: cotton on, bag: chanel, shoes: clarks

Afternoon tea with Emma at Harvey Nicks. Got the usual-mango tea with two splendas. yurmy.
I'm obsessed with the mug. So adorable!

The spectacular views from the cemetery in Lothian Road


California Dreamer

Apr 25, 2009

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thrifted cropped top, zebra print Plains & Prints jacket, skirt from our garage sale, So!Fab shoes that i wore in this post.

I started my "I'm going to Coachella" fund ages ago but since I'm always unlucky when it comes to planning vacations, my plans to go fell through AGAIN. So looking at pictures from the festival is the next best thing! Because I got jealous of everyone walking around in cute little cropped tops, I decided to wear one too.

Tweet Tweet

Tweet Tweet

Apr 23, 2009


Camilla Åkrans Photography via foto_decadent

oh and we joined the bandwagon...
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Apr 21, 2009


dress: Little Miss R, belt: Bottega Veneta, shoes: Clarks, Clutch: Aranaz, Cuff: Jul Dizon

Got this drapey number from LittleMissR's pile in the garage sale and wore it the next day to dinner in Singapore! :D I love how versatile it is- I wore it like a jumper with a lace camisole during the day and as a dress at dinner with my sister and our lovely friend from Sydney who was transiting in Singapore after his month long travel to the Middle East and Northern Africa.

I live to hear colorful tales of travel. His, in particular, made me laugh my heart out!

*Prior to dinner, I stopped by Prada where the sales associate went up to me and showered my Aranaz clutch with compliments. Then, I went to a fine jewellery store where they started fawning over my blackamoor cuff. It always gives me immense joy when someone asks me where something I'm wearing is from and I get to gleefully reply: the Philippines!!!!

Japan Je T'aime

Apr 20, 2009

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top: religioso, skirt: dp, shoes: office

I hated this outfit! Totally felt awkward wearing it. I'm posting this because of the deerrsss.
top: dp, skirt: giles deacon

Here are the last pictures of my Japan trip as promised.
Surprisingly, the holiday was devoid of any shopping except for a beautiful ruffled parasol and some tights. Oh yes, I also stocked up on Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. Everything else I considered buying was ridiculously expensive. I was eyeing a Kenzo skirt which got me excited when I saw a 90% off tag on it. That was until I checked the price tag again: 200,000 Yen down to 20,000 Yen- which converted to peso is...still a lot of money! :s

When I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite (Japanese) things,
and then I don't feel so bad:
Meiji Plain Yogurt .
Had it every night before bed.
Toilets with built-in music and bidet.
Goodbye, tabo.

Stormy Weather

Apr 19, 2009


Spot my new curtains! Yay for P200 finds from SM 

studded beanie, really old top, H&M belt, Club Monaco skirt, F21 shoes

Yesterday, I went down South to Tagaytay with my mom. We didn't do much but hang out in a family friend's house, eat and enjoy the weather. Surprisingly, it was really rainy and a bit chilly! A much needed break from Manila's deadly heat!!! 

Oh and once again, I'll be MIA for a bit because I'll be leaving for the beach tomorrow! 

Cheap Chic

Apr 16, 2009

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While the garage sale was ongoing, my friends decided to put on a little fashion show.
Using the clothes that were on sale of course!

Here, Dani gives the pantsuit a try with my navy blazer. While Anjie goes all nautical with a sailor's top, her own black skirt and my fedora turned bowler hat! 

This eventually evolved into picking an outfit from a magazine then recreating it! 
It was our own version of their way, our way. 
There's nothing like a bunch of bored 21 year olds, racks and racks of clothes and a whole lot of creativity!

Lia in a skirt which I turned into a dress! 

Alexi does "off duty chic", Chanel Iman style!

Monique recreates Alexa Chung's quirky style with a top turned skirt!

Dani does Nylon with some fern in her hair! Hahaha! 

The Aftermath

Apr 15, 2009


Here are some shots from the garage sale we had yesterday, which I think turned out to be pretty successful. Saying goodbye to old things never seemed like so much fun!
Plus, it was especially thrilling to meet some of our readers!


Here are some shoppers with their purchases...


Thanks to everyone that came!!! Cant wait for the next one!

Still Not Over It

Apr 14, 2009

You're a star if you (Add us on BlogLovin'!)

Last night:
dress: custom made, bag: aranaz, shoes: roland cartier from jenners, cuff: jul dizon
With my bestie and partner in food crimes!

The two girls whose lives never seem to have a dull moment

The sexies: Ynez, Monica, Klar, Raia and Bea.

I love how after 3 years and a jazillion miles apart, I can still come home and have a nice chatty evening with good old friends and feel like nothing has changed.
Well...maybe except the bushy eyebrows. Im so glad that since graduating highschool, we've discovered the wonders of plucking.

Last week:
Dress from Singapore, Belt : New Look, Bag: LV , Shoes: Clarks , Jewels by Jul Dizon

I wore this red dress a couple of weeks back to Jul Dizon's charitable event at the Shangri-La Hotel. The venue was magical. Like, it's not even a euphemism when I say that there were pink birds in room.Read more about the event and the works of the formidable Dizon sisters in Candy and Janina's blogs.

Obviously, Im still not over the asymmetrics.
What is it with me and eating the same food for 4 months straight,
listening to the same song on repeat,
ordering the same food in restaurants,
and embracing one decade of fashion/wearing the same style?
Over and over and over again until I get sick of it!

*Ill post the last of my outfits in Japan in a few days. I accidentally erased some of the pics in my camera so I have to snatch some pictures from my sister when I go to Singapore tomorrow