The Renaissance of Grunge

Oct 31, 2009


Harper's Bazaar Russia / October 2009 via foto_decadent

The reason I haven't been posting any outfit posts is because I've been sick and stuck at home this past week!
I'm even missing out on Halloween :(

Anyway came across this editorial for Harper's Bazaar Russia earlier this month, some of you guys must have seen it already. Since I haven't been doing anything but drowning myself in Vitamin C, I decided to share them with you guys. This editorial got some mixed reviews...some hated it, some liked it. I go with the latter. I loved how Lydia Hearst looks like she belonged was in a painting! What about you? What do you think?


Oct 26, 2009


top and dress: Zara, bib necklace : f21, belt from singapore, tights from japan, shoes from charles and keith, vintage clutch

vintage beaded 1920s capelet, knit turtleneck: zara, vintage velvet skirt, shoes from nordstrom

Essay deadlines are looming.
I pray I survive the madness that will be this week.

Beige Brigade

Oct 21, 2009

Topshop shirt, Luca trousers, Tint shoes, vintage ferragamo bag

Had lunch with a few friends who I haven't seen in ages!
One thing that sucks about not being in college anymore is that you don't get to
see your friends every single day.

Haven't worn these shoes in a while, I forgot how comfy they are!

Little Miss Dress Up in Tongue in Chic

Picture 9
click photo to read the article

Thank you Gwen of Tongue in Chic for the feature!

Black Froth


Top: from the omni carboot sale, skirt: DIY , belt: part of a coat, tights from japan, cuff and earrings: jul dizon, vintage rings, shoes: zoe wittner


Oh black, how I adore thee!

Frightened Rabbit

Oct 19, 2009

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Topman shirt, F21 skirt, fringe necklace from Telebasura (bought in First Dibs!) and bunny ears from Market Market!

Because bunny ears are soooo "on trend" right now. Hahahahaha!
What I wore to my niece's Snow White themed first birthday.
I was dressed up as one of Snow White's furry friends.


Oct 17, 2009

Brocade jacket: Far East Plaza, Singapore, Top: Oscar de la Renta, Fur Stole (worn as a scarf): SM - bought this when I was in 1st year highschool. Seriously, BEST BUY EVER!, Shorts: Zara, Tights: Topshop, Oxfords: New Look, Bag: Chanel, Sunglasses: Primark, Earrings: Jul Dizon, Rings: Antique

Currently loving:

Currently Loathing:

jeggings Pictures, Images and Photos


Could anything be more vile? I think not. This trend is slowly taking over my university. Pretty soon I have to figure out a way to navigate around George Square with my eyes shut. Better to fall and scrape my knee than to see such visual horrendousness.

images: google, photobucket and

Bring On The Fringe

Oct 15, 2009


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Zara shirt, vest with fringe on the sleeves from Luca at The Ramp, F21 shorts,
shoes from BCBG Girls, Aranaz clutch, sunglasses from Cotton On c/o Little Miss H!

Had a meeting about something I'm very excited about!!!
You guys will know what it's about soon...hopefully!!!


Oct 14, 2009


Guess who occupies the centrefold of this month's issue of Yellerzine?
Why, it's The Little Misses of course!

Thank you so much Miss Lizzie D. for the wonderful feature. :D

If you're in Edinburgh, make sure to grab your FREE copy at Godiva (Grass Markets), Greyfriars Art Shop (just beside the Greyfriar Bobby statue) , Forest Cafe (The indie hippie cafe near uni. Yes, that one!) and Black Medicine (on Nicolson St.)

There are some really interesting articles in the mag and I've scanned a few of them for you, my lovely reader.

Get First Dibs

Oct 13, 2009


The girls of Looking for Lola are extremely excited about the new pieces we have in the shop!
We hope you get to come and check out vintage pieces like floral bodycon skirts, colored blazers, moto jackets, 50s dresses, leather skirts and tons more! To be sold ONLY at First Dibs!

First Dibs this weekend! Oct 17, 3PM-onwards at the roofdeck, Multinational Bancorporation Centre, 6805 Ayala Ave.

Hope we'll see you there!!!

Weekend Wonders

Oct 12, 2009

jacket: gift from Sarah Mills, belt from Sarah Mills, skirt from oasis, vintage velvet printed scarf, shoes from zoe wittner, 1930s art deco clips, bag from charles and keith
Joy of joys! I got myself some wonderful treasures over the weekend. Which is a surprise really since I was planning on staying in because a huge zit decided to park on my cheek and take over my life.

Sarah phoned me mid-morning to ask if I was up for some mooching around the high street, and we somehow ended up at the Freemasons Hall in George street where there was an antiques fair. All for the entrance price of a pound fifty, we were in heaven! I almost wet myself when I saw a sterling silver art deco ring from the 30s. It was calling out my name, and that was that...the beginning of the end of my savings. We went crazy and bought everything our little hands could grab a hold of.

Oh the things my eyes feasted on! Diamante clips from the 30s, pre-raphaelite brooches, Victorian mourning rings and pendants, silver filigree jewellery, antique laces from the 20s, grandfathers clocks and vintage telephones. I could go on and on.

We were feeling quite smug about our discovery since none of the trendies were at the fair! Only middle-aged tweed wearing gentlemen locking arms with their wives , and some old grannies and grandpas who were equally exquisitely dressed, and then there was us.

After antiquing, Mills and I headed off to the Dome (which is so busy on a saturday afternoon. i hate that!) Before we could even order, we simultaneously laid our finds down on the table, assessed our purchases and giggled like two naughty little girls with a dirty little secret. The waiter, bless him, was at a lost for words when he saw all the jewels scattered everywhere.

The brooch that got away!!!! I cant believe Sarah spotted this little lady first. It is the most beautiful thing and I would give my arm to own this. I begged and pleaded, even kneeled before her at the fair, but alas she didnt give in. guh. I was thisclose to tearing my eyes out because they failed me.

Apart from jewellery, I also got myself some clothes (I am in possessionof the most beautiful lace top!) and this intricately beaded evening bag from the 30s-40s. It has silver beading and coiled metal set in the plushest velvet. Sarah thinks its well worth a fortune more than what I paid for. And I am not one to question a costume design guru.

The day ended with us going back to Sarah's flat where she gave me a beaded belt that once belonged to 2-time Bafta Costume Design awardee Dinah Collin (she was the designer of Pride and Predjudice- the real one with Colin Firth) and to google pictures of Cheryl Cole before she was famous and looked chav-ier than a neon tracksuit. We wanted to make ourselves feel good. Mission Accomplished.

Fade In, Fade Out


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Ombre lace top from Looking For Lola, asymmetrical dress from The Ramp,
silver cuff from India (c/o Anjie!), studded heels from Bangkok

Isn't the lace top pretty? One of our pieces in our latest collection for Looking For Lola!
It will be sold this Saturday at the First Dibs bazaar (yes guys it's back on!!!).
October. 17, 3pm-onwards @ the ROOFDECK of 6806 Ayala Ave.,
Multinational Bancorporation Centre!