Feliz Cumpleanos, Guapo!

Jun 3, 2009

lace top: cotton on, skirt: oasis, tights: topshop, shoes: clarks, bag and belt: vintageThe Birthday Boy
(who is, by the way, also interning for Giles Deacon in a month! Woot to the hoot!)

Met my first Iranian. Momentous.

The only under 50s in Berwick...plus Alex
Sexytimes in the beach

  • Decided to pick Alex up from the Airport because the lucky arse decided to skip class and bugger off to his villa in Marbella.
Jealousy thy name is Hanna.
  • Wong and I hid in the Arrivals to 'surprise' him while Lauren waited in the McleanMobile. We failed.
  • Drove up to the beach and stopped by Aberlady on the way for fish and chips. And to stock up on whams!
  • Arrived at Berwick where Iz and I got Chinese take-away. Tried to small talk the shop owner's daughter. Failed yet again.
  • Finally got to the beach, layed down some blankets in the sand, sang happy birthday and gorged on champagne, strawberries, chocolate and chinese take-away. Classy.


Rain said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, your lace top + bra is really sexy! I give you an A+ for the guts to wear it... I guess I am to shy.... ;)

Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy! (ps:Is there a reason that he poses before a pizza-place?)


Talk Pretty To Me said... Best Blogger Tips

love that cropped leather biker jacket A LOT!



*** said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the all black outfit!

The Fabulous Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

i love that skirt. its so cute. and the top is sexy. i actually wouldnt be that daring to wear a lacy top. i'm still a fashion chicken.

hanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Actually I made sure it was under my jacket the ENTIRE time. the pose exposes a bit too much but believe me it was barely seen without the flash/at night. haha!

tailorstitch said... Best Blogger Tips

this brings the lol's...nice touch with the lace btw

lucille said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your black outfits !!

thischicksgotstyle said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for your sweet comment!
The lace top is hot hot hot!


Cindy Khor said... Best Blogger Tips

your necklace and your skirt are lovely. i wonder where did you get your necklace from... its so nice, lazing and relaxing at the beach, if only i could too...

chicmuse said... Best Blogger Tips

Hanna where is your jacket from?? I loveeee it!!!


Rosanna said... Best Blogger Tips

i love this a lot!!!!! my mom would murder me if i wear this out!!!!

(i'm sorry i haven't been posting. my laptop is being a pain!)

Jeanina Franquelli said... Best Blogger Tips

I really like the jacket :D

Ness said... Best Blogger Tips

waw your top is so maazing! I love it!

nickie dichaves said... Best Blogger Tips

spell ASS the right way puhleease... =P

hanna said... Best Blogger Tips

nickie- cousin, i will have you know that arse is a VARIANT of ass. matter of choice really, and since this is my blog, i will use ARSE! haha. :D see you sooooonn.

Sasi said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, the lace top in contrast with the leather jacket is hot:D

Aline said... Best Blogger Tips

looking rock and chic^^

katherinelou said... Best Blogger Tips

i love your jacket!

Suzanne said... Best Blogger Tips

gorgeous skirt!