Live It, Love It - Hong Kong

Jul 10, 2009

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Why have we been lost in the blogsphere this whole week? We were stuffing ourselves silly in Hong Kong!!!

Vintage leotard, Cotton On skirt, Charles & Keith heels

F21 dress, H&M heels

Notice how we kinda switched 'styles' for the day??? We felt that Rosanna's outfit was very "Hanna" while Hanna's outfit was so "Rosanna".
What do you guys think???

Switched shoes..because we just couldn't last in heels the WHOLE day!

photo credit: Amina Aranaz-Alunan


Maria said... Best Blogger Tips

Amazing photos!

katherinelou said... Best Blogger Tips

cuuuuuute you both look adorable!

rosanna: I have that same coat from twelvebytwelve!

izzy said... Best Blogger Tips

hong kong with friends is just so much fun. love your outfits by the way.

quelle said... Best Blogger Tips

really liking that forever21 dress and the cotton on skirt.. great accessorizing too!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG girls you look incredibly great!
Love specially the nude outfit but the vest-dress is just amazing!

amortenzia said... Best Blogger Tips

hello, rosanna! just wonderin'where did you get your beautiful bag?

Myey :) said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi little misses!
I've been reading your blog for quite some time now but it's just now that I actually subscribed. I just want to tell you that you were the reason why I liked fashion. Before I found your blog, I didn't care about a single stuff about fashion; I didn't care how I look or what people think of the way I dress up. I thought that was okay since I know I look decent enough but I was wrong - I was totally ignorant of fashion. But then I found you and it was then that I've decided to be a chic and stylish - a fashionista. You inspired me. Thank you guys.


Maryelle :)

Could you suggest me
some books that a beginner
like me could read in
order to know more about
fashion and style? :)

Pamela said... Best Blogger Tips

ahhah thats soo true! but u both look stunning as always!
hanna love the skirt! and rosanna loveeeee the dress!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hanna you look smashing! The outfit is so fresh and different from your usual stuff.

chicfaced said... Best Blogger Tips

love those green shoes in the 1st photo

Overdressed Me said... Best Blogger Tips

love all ur shots but the last photo is just AMAZING!!!! i can't quite get over it. both of u look STUNNING!

The Fabulous Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

amazing outfits both u.... rosanna your sis is such a taletnted photographer.... these pics are goregous...
hanna i cant believe thats actually a 2 piece and the leotard is vintage.... i thought its just a super sexy dress...
u're both so amazing and inspiring.

Queenie said... Best Blogger Tips

Little Miss R. I love how you change your look each time. Love the fact that you dare to be different!!

Suzanne said... Best Blogger Tips

you look gorgeous again!
love that green H&Ms, wanted them as well. and gorgeous ruffled dress!

theTrendyDwarf said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! I love your ensembles..both of you! You are just so lucky to have been able to travel to Hong Kong because it must've so much fun! The body suit underneath the skirt is many women are doing that now that it might be a starting trend! The sleeveless type of trench or jacket is really really cool!
check out my trendy blog!

Sandra said... Best Blogger Tips

You're nice! :)


itchy said... Best Blogger Tips

hey little misses (:

just wanted to tell you how gorgeous both of you look! i love that dress and that jacket...and i envy you for being in hongkong.. maann...i wanna go there tooo... :'(

Violet said... Best Blogger Tips

oh i love both outfits... the skirt is so cute and the jacket is adorable

Vi from Cali

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

amazing dress!!!


Arlini said... Best Blogger Tips

nice blog and cute outfits!

eunicena said... Best Blogger Tips

wuoh! cute outfits.. very nice post.

Mads said... Best Blogger Tips

Fas-yon times two!! Wow you both look samshing.. I'm such a fan of skirt+top that looks like a dress.. The tiered skirt with zipper detail is amazing! Enjoy HK.. looking forward to more of your outfit posts..=)


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

great photos i love what your both wearing!

Ale. said... Best Blogger Tips

You both look amazing! Loved the pics! It seems like you had a really fun time!


thefatandskinnyonfashion said... Best Blogger Tips

this is so cute. you all look like you all are having fun. be safe.

Lea Mae said... Best Blogger Tips

I wanna steal your clothes. haha!!! Fabulous

Sasi said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your tote, Rosanna. And leotard+skirt creates a romantic but also strong look, Hanna. Love it.

Noelle Chantal said... Best Blogger Tips

hannah i am super liking your outfit here. love the leotard and that sweet skirt. perfect on you!

and rosanna the cut of your dress / vest coat is so chic!

love the travel photos too! its been awhile since my last peep here. i was busy visiting my sister in Dubai and touring with her. you girls are like sisters! i miss my sister too. :(

Aline said... Best Blogger Tips

that ruffle dress is to die for! great pics really, bet you had fun making them

Rosanna said... Best Blogger Tips

amortenzia: The bag is from Forever21 :)

myey: That made our day! It's nice to know that we can inspire others as well.

all our other readers: thank you!!!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Ahh, that's a leotard?! Can't believe it. You both look fabulous as always. Is the shopping amazing in HK? My parents actually just asked us if we wanted to go Hong Kong for our next vacay. Sounds like you are having an amazing time!

xo, Becs

Elaine said... Best Blogger Tips

You both look AMAZING!!! I love both of your outfits.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said... Best Blogger Tips

I like both your looks ;)

Rain said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so looking forward to go to HK, seeing your fun picca's!

What hotel is this?


Talita said... Best Blogger Tips

your outfits are simply flawless! you guys look amazing in this pics, I don't even know which piece of clothing I am lusting over the most ^^

osan said... Best Blogger Tips

hi. i was wondering if in one of your photos, the one that dangles from your neck is a lumix lx3? =)

Faridah said... Best Blogger Tips

Both of your dresses are so so stunning. x

Maggie said... Best Blogger Tips

Found u gals blog thru Chicisimo, gotta say i love u gals each individual styles!
Looking at these pics really made me miss shopping in HK! :)

Karafina said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG i love it... bff!!

rica said... Best Blogger Tips

how can you walk around in those shoes? i can only imagine going to a party in hannas outfit. i wonder how you can do it. inggit haha =)