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Aug 17, 2009

The Five things I want for Fall:

alberto tous



Picture 4

Picture 6

Currently obsessed with emeralds, jades and onyx.

It's funny how I have no real profound opinion on jewelry (or fashion for that matter) other than I like it or I don't. And why I like it or don't is completely arbitrary .(Who else would love art nouveau in all its organic and mystic glory and the clean geometric lines of art deco in equal measures?) Unlike the style icons I so admire - Jackie Kennedy,Diana Vreeland, Lady Amanda Harlech and Daphne Guiness -I am incompetent in my knowledge of the style and substance of art. And so I judge paintings, sculpture, and even clothes and jewelry solely based on my taste and preference.

It's probably not such a bad thing that these are the 2 things I trust most in the world.



Wearing my latest loves:


Merci, Lucille!
I am completely enamored of them.

Jacket from Hong Kong, Scarf from a tiny shop in Adelaide, Skirt from Cotton On, Shoes:DIY and Earrings from Jul Dizon

Photo Credit:, sotheby's, christie's and Alberto Tous


Rosanna said... Best Blogger Tips

you're alive!!!! hahaha hi!!!!
i love your earrings

Cherish said... Best Blogger Tips

Your cameo earrings are gorgeous!

Cherish x


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

the earrings are your scarf

Sasi said... Best Blogger Tips

That jewelry is awesome. And I love yur scarf!

mika said... Best Blogger Tips

wonderful outfit! like your skirt and the way you wear this skirt!

Hermo said... Best Blogger Tips

i do really like the dress of the second picture

and the earings... why are they so cute? =)

Ljubica said... Best Blogger Tips

the scarf is so interesting & unique
and i'm definitely jealous of those earrings, they're gorgeous!!

thefatandskinnyonfashion said... Best Blogger Tips

i really like the clothes in the first two photos. the construction is amazing.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

i love your scarf

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I like all that stuffs,but the jacket is beautyful.

Tatiana Nguyen said... Best Blogger Tips

those are amazing picks! i love your shoes!

Montreal Fashion Minds said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your earrings and that bracelet!

~Montreal Fashion Minds is BACK!!~

Cari (Is Not Fashion) said... Best Blogger Tips

I really love your bracelet. You look amazing as always! xo

harps said... Best Blogger Tips

I love emeralds too, in fact they are my weakness! those jade earrings are gooorgeous too!