Emma Rockett

Jan 15, 2010

Fashion world, take note of this name!

I love them both, Rockett!
Never have I met 2 dresses that fit me so very well.

My darling friend Emma, who is currently on the final leg of her Fashion Design degree at ECA is amazing in a thousand and one ways. Not only can this woman create wearable art, she can cook some pretty mean baked chicken with stuffed bacon and pesto too. (Her boyfriend Richard, on the other hand, makes the yummiest pommes dauphinoise and lemon cheesecake!) It should not come as a surprise that without fail, I always gain 5 pounds after an evening in their flat.

Back to Emma and her lovely creations. Imagine the thrills creeping through every inch of me when she handed me 2 dress from her collection last night. It was love at first sight.

I will wear them loud and proud, Em. People will admire my Rockett original. You'll see... :D