Sep 7, 2010



I love this Aranaz Ropas skirt..and this is coming from someone who is very selective when it comes to 'i love you' pieces. If something was given to me to gain blogging publicity without me actually dying all over it, then I refuse to write about it. I wouldn't want to betray our readers. Or myself for that matter.

But when I fall in love with an item, I could make your brand my religion and talk incessantly about the amazingness that is your merchandise. And yes, that includes items I've shelled my own hard earned money for.

So back to this beautiful skirt which I picked up from the last Aranaz event. When I saw the drapes and felt the light fabric I knew my life would be incomplete without it. There has not been a more Hanna Choa Yu item that I've seen in the last 3 months (which explains the on-going shopping drought. I haven't actually bought anything in ages. Well, apart from jewelery...but that's really more of an investment). There were other beautiful pieces from the collection like a peach cropped jacket with weave details at the back, but weather-wise it wouldn't have been the wisest purchase.

I've worn this skirt 4 times since I bought it two weeks ago. I love it and I want the world to know. I'm not saying Rosanna's collection for Aranaz Ropas is marvelous just because she is my friend. I would have raved about it even if another designer had made it.



It's hard not to be jealous of Rosanna really. Here's an amazing, talented and kind person with such a creative spirit. Sometimes, her all-around wins in life make you want to blow your blah life to pieces. But then she goes and says something hilarious that reminds you how down-to-earth she truly is, and how unaware she is of her successes in life..and you fall in love with her just a bit more.

I sound like a total creeper boyfriend. Ew.