Old School

Oct 4, 2010


Went out for a nice long lunch with my friends Missy, Alexi, Anjie and Isabel today. We tried this Indian place along Jupiter called 'something' of India or 'Indian Spice' or 'Indian Flavors' or something with the word India in it. I actually can't remember the name but suffice it to say I really enjoyed the food. I had a chicken vindaloo which was spicy, lovely and had me drinking a gallon of water.


Aaaah, going out for looonng lunches is the activity I love most in life. While afternoon teas, dinner parties, walking around a beautiful garden, going for a picnic, and wandering in costume museums follow very closely...

'Hi, I'm Hanna and I just casually turned 60 overnight.'

My friends always tease me because I never go to parties at night. It's like I got sick of the 'scene' before I was ever a part of it. This is partly because I hate the dark (going to the cinema used to give me the creeps..think of your proximity to all the total randoms. though recently a friend has tried to convert me with success!) and partly because I can't stand the smell of smoke sticking to my clothes and hair (the concept of 'no smoking in enclosed spaces' has yet to reach my country). Besides, people on a night out seem to only have 'fake' fun. And in my books, if you can't be fun while sober, then chances are you're no fun at all.

Also, when else can you knit?

Or get massages?

Or look through your mother's drawers?


Vintage Python bag from Edinburgh by way of Cyprus. It's fascinating how far this bag has traveled to belong to me.
Behind it, a back issue of Vanity Fair with Grace Kelly on the cover. Vanity Fair has always been my favorite magazine..in this issue there is a marvelous story about the 2 men who founded Time magazine and a beautiful write-up on Christian Louboutin that makes me wish I was his friend. You can also spy my Ipod, a generous gift from my technologically savvy sister and my lipstick which I cannot live without.


The baubles worn today. My Jul Dizon Indian cuff with rose cut diamonds and a cabochon ruby, my burmese ruby ring (the most fascinating shade of red!), my navette ring from ama, and my topaz ring from Malena (I miss you!).


and here is my carved wooden chest from my grandmother! A total thing of beauty. It smells like the forest too, which is a pleasant bonus.