on a hunt

Mar 4, 2011

  Topshop shirt, safari-esque blouse from Ralph Lauren, H&M shorts, River Island heels, ARANAZ bag, vintage scarf

Spent the day running around and meeting a couple people for upcoming projects which 
I'm excited about. Can't wait to tell you guys about it!

Stopped buy Shangri-la earlier this week with my sister where we went a little crazy over So!FAB's new styles! Here are two of my newest pairs from from So!F.A.B. I'm loving the sheer heels and the yummy leopard print!

Unfortunately my camera is still being repaired :(  (CANON! Why are you taking FOREVER!!!)
That's why I haven't been posting as often had to borrow my older brother's ancient SLR!
Fingers crossed, hope it will be fixed v.soon!!!!


Bohemian said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your bag!

Wynn said... Best Blogger Tips

Those shoes are to die for! So lovely!!

Deep said... Best Blogger Tips

The heels are amazing!

gillian said... Best Blogger Tips

yous shoes are to die for!

Btw, may I ask what program are you using with your reply button in your comment box? :)


Lubna said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a cute outfit! Very safari-inspired and the background helps a lot. :D I love the vintage scarf, and it's so creative how you attached it to the bag. And those shoes you bought are amazing! Especially the leopard print one. :)

Lubna | elle VOX

Dana Paramita said... Best Blogger Tips

i love you sunglasses <3


Sheryl said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the shoes from SO Fab..i want them too..do they ship international?... and your blog is awesome..great style!!

oh and thanks for commenting on my blog..
Following you now..follow back if you like..



WENDY said... Best Blogger Tips

You have really gorgeous rosy cheeksss :))
Cool laidback outfit and gosh, those leopard pumps got me drooling!


mgee said... Best Blogger Tips

The shoes are divine! :) hey what happened to your SLR? And do you know where is the Canon Service Center?

Violet said... Best Blogger Tips

love that bag and the leopard shoes you purchased

Vi from Cali

Mandy said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Hope you decide to follow me if you're not already :)

Love your blog and am now following!


Melina said... Best Blogger Tips

That bag is fantastic! Love the colors and look of it. Must find a similar one for spring!

xx Melina
.but i like it.

thefatandskinny said... Best Blogger Tips

love the so fab shoes and the river island shoes you are wearing in the picture.

Aquí said... Best Blogger Tips

beautiful images! You looks great!

Linka said... Best Blogger Tips

Those shoes are FABULOUS!!! love this!

xs said... Best Blogger Tips

whoa those river island heels really caught my eye. you look gorgeous! I love the photo set.