The Start of Something New

Mar 1, 2009

I think it's safe to assume that all you lovely readers know how much I adore black, white, and neutrals. In that order. Lately, however, I find myself incorporating more color into my wardrobe. It all started with the magnificently draped pink skirt I wore a couple of posts ago. Funny thing is when I first saw it, I asked the sales associate if they had it in black. Thank heavens they didn't because I would have purchased the black instead of the pink in a heartbeat and I wouldn't have my magnificent pinkalicious skirt hanging in my closet right now.

Color is tricky. I usually venture into the the rainbow side of my closet (trust me it's a miniscule portion of my wardrobe) when I have time. So that means Sundays and some Saturdays. Sometimes I wish I had the eye of a great colorist like Alber Elbaz who instictively puts colors together and make them work all the time. But tough luck, I don't. I'm one of those ungifted ones who has to carefully consider the visual effect of different colors put together. It's no wonder I almost always drown whatever colorful item I have in black.

It's been really fun working with non-black apparel. I just got myself a drapey striped missioni-esque oversized cardigan from Zara. I will admit that it was the shape I fell in love with. I'm pretty sure I cringed at the sight of blue, beige and orange threads all jumbled up in one article of clothing when I first saw it. I bought it anyway...and I'm really looking forward to some interesting outfits that have it as a main feature!

Top: Oscar dela Renta, Blazer: Zara, Pants: Zara, Bag: Loewe, Shoes: Clarks, Accessories: Warehouse

ps. A big shout out to John for taking these pictures! Im determined to get my own professional camera now more than ever.

pps. It was really REALLY windy in the meadows so this was the only pose I could do to stop the wind from blowing my top off.

pps. Oh and I just have to share. I bought a floral top!

Seriously, something is going on inside my head that I do not understand.


The Stiletto Effect said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Hanna :)
I love your outfit, especially that fabulous coat!

Rosanna said... Best Blogger Tips

hello gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! love it. ang payat mo dito! especially in the first photo..i hate you!

i love your blazer!

KEREN said... Best Blogger Tips

I say you wear colors more often; they suit you so well! :)

magika said... Best Blogger Tips

cool blazer! hope i can find the same in the spannish zara.. XD

..;::CindrellaUnderTheUmbrella::;.. said... Best Blogger Tips

love ur blog and ur style... xoxo

HoneyBunny said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the outfit:)) That jacket and blouse are so gorgeous:)) And the photos are great!

Iris said... Best Blogger Tips

i think it's awesome you're venturing out to incorporate more color in your wardrobe... not just because it opens up a whole new world of creative options and expressions for you... but because COLOR LOOKS SOOOO DAMN GOOD ON YOU!!!! whatever is going on inside your head, you should DEFINITELY milk it for all it's worth... keep it up! you look beautiful! ;) xoxo

Little Miss Dress Up said... Best Blogger Tips

aaw, thanks everyone!

and iris- youre too sweet! haha. i laughed out loud when i read your comment. youre so passionate ikindaloveyou. <3

La Fée said... Best Blogger Tips

your ruffly blouse is lovely paired with those necklaces, and that bag is gorgeous :)

Flashes of Style said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow this top is so wonderful! What a great burst of color.

tanya said... Best Blogger Tips

flawless styling my dear--just gorgeous! Love the pops of color :-)

Bonnie Klyde said... Best Blogger Tips

I love primary color combination! It's so cute!


Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the second picture and I have the same blazer!!!


thefatandskinnyonfashion said... Best Blogger Tips

i love the teal and red together. it really makes theoutfit pop.

rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

I think you worked the colors quite magnificently! I adore that printed lining and the statement necklace :)

♥ R

proudly says, said... Best Blogger Tips

i like the detail of the blazer's sleeves. it's a killer!

CKUF said... Best Blogger Tips

nice outfit! every detail is wonderful.

i am a new blogger, mind to exchange link?

xs said... Best Blogger Tips

i agree. playing with colors is really difficult, but i'm glad your experimenting!

victoria.. said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the blue color of your top.

hannafansclub said... Best Blogger Tips

You're so pretty Hanna!!! I love it that your outfit is so corporate yet you make it look so casual! I hope I can wear this on a daily basis too :)

Lol at your smile in the 2nd pic. You seem so happy. Hahahaha

Get your own dslr now!! The colors of these pictures are beautiful. You stand out from the green grass. :) I can't wait to see you in more colors!

C a t r i n a said... Best Blogger Tips

oh my!
This jacket is just amazing!
i really fell in love with it :)

hanna said... Best Blogger Tips

You guys are such stars! :D again, thanks!

hannafansclub- im oh so flattered! you are way too kind.

can i be your fan too? hahaha.

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

blue and red look so good on you! and you seem very happy in the pictures :D

can't wait to see the striped cardigan and the floral top! :)

CKUF said... Best Blogger Tips

hello hanna. thank you for the comment.i will add you in my blogroll. thank you! have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

whoa, this jacket is fierce!
love it :)


Nil said... Best Blogger Tips

Great blazer!

Lisanne said... Best Blogger Tips

great outfit and great blog

WTF said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute, Cute, Cute--Love everything about this outfit.

FashionSqueah! said... Best Blogger Tips

That top is a lovely colour. I love how your pictures always have such beautiful backgrounds, makes me feel bad for always taking mine indoors! Char x

sertonina said... Best Blogger Tips

Woooo the last day i wear a very similar look althoung my romantic shirt was llamative green.

Love your photos, i haven´t got a photograf kisses

S.A.A. said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the Balmain(ness) of the cuffs on your blazer! The red and black leopard print is so very on trend!

xo querido.

Delmy said... Best Blogger Tips

your blazer is hot!

kiki said... Best Blogger Tips

ahhh i have the same problem of always going for black......but the turquoise here is gorgeous and goes so well with

Sol said... Best Blogger Tips

the inside of that blazer is super cool!

ps. just letting you know i changed the blog's url to

kaitlyn said... Best Blogger Tips

that blazer is too cute and i am sooooooooo in love with that necklace.

PrincessImp. said... Best Blogger Tips

Love bright blue!
Is the lining of your blazer red leopard? It's such a cute touch and contrasts so beautifully with your blue blouse!

paulistanangelina said... Best Blogger Tips

Everything about this outfit is beautiful. The red + electric blue. The necklace. The ruffle shirt. You.

Lara Natascha said... Best Blogger Tips

great style!!!

katherinelou said... Best Blogger Tips

beautiful photos !
you look chic !

Gaia said... Best Blogger Tips

love your necklace!

M Paris said... Best Blogger Tips

i'm diggin' the blazer! i've definitely been trying to incorporate more color in to my wardrobe as well. i'm looking for something fuschia!

Trendy Gourmandise said... Best Blogger Tips

nice outfit

miky said... Best Blogger Tips

this look is perfect...