Blue Bossa

Mar 26, 2009

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Since I'm on a black coat ban, I bought this tulle coat from Topshop in navy blue.
I know it's bordering black...but you've gotta give it to me for trying. :D

So today was quite exciting! I spent the afternoon assisting Isabel for her tartan coat photo shoot.
The coat is beautiful-not only does the exterior exhibit wonderful craftmanship, but the lining and the finishing are impeccable as well.

This is my favorite outtake.
Emma, my incredibly beautiful and sweet Swedish friend modeled and she just looks absolutely stunning in this photo (as in every other photograph taken of her today-oh to be tall, thin, blue-eyed and beautiful!).Here's Iz doing her thang.
Woman is so talented, she better not forget me when she gets famous...
I, midget.
The model off-duty wearing a jacket from Sweden and a skirt from Zara.

Can't wait to have you and David over for dinner when I get back, Emma!

coat: topshop, skirt: dp, top: thrifted, bag: charles and keith, shoes: clarks, pearls from tokyo and manila


Cassiopeia said... Best Blogger Tips

But the coat is so cute! And navy Isn't black, so its fiiiiiiiiiiine ;-D


KEREN said... Best Blogger Tips

So maybe it's bordering black, but it looks so good on you! The coat Isabel made is absolutely gorgeous, and the model wears it well. ;)

Niviarsiaq said... Best Blogger Tips

Both coats are divine! You look so good in yours and she looks amazing in hers!
I know, I feel so short sometimes! The rest of my family is really tall -I'm the shortest!

Maybe I will wear purple more...

The Voguette said... Best Blogger Tips

you guys look soooo adorable! i loveee the pearls with the coat - you look so cute!

soo i would be foreverr gateful if you guys added me =D

phamzy said... Best Blogger Tips

gorgeous girls! your friend is very tall!

kaitlyn said... Best Blogger Tips

of course the tartan coat is fabulous, but i looove the fullness of your coat. it's so cute. it makes me actually want to wear a coat, and i'm so anti-outerwear. =P

The Fabulous Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

oh how i love that coat. i wish we had topshop in canada. u always look so great. it looks like such a fun day!

Rosanna said... Best Blogger Tips

i want your!!!!!!!!!!!

camerafilmroll said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your coat!!!

Pixienish said... Best Blogger Tips

Hanna I love your coat! The ruffles are amazing, and the buttons are perfection. I also like that bling around your neck ;)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

ooo great necklaces!

FashionSqueah! said... Best Blogger Tips

Your friend is really talented! I love that you swapped black for navy blue, but in all fairness that coat is absolutley beautiful! Char x

thefatandskinnyonfashion said... Best Blogger Tips

you always wear such classic things. i love your coats.

hande said... Best Blogger Tips

ohh love this outfit sweetie esp love how u wear that jacket with lots of necklace!! i link u to my blog right now:)

Antonia said... Best Blogger Tips

You look great!
I linked you!

em linda said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks!! you should see her in person..

great jacket! and the necklace is beautiful =)

I Like Stuff said... Best Blogger Tips

What an exquisite coat! It reminds me of this cape from Dashing Tweeds:

Oh, and I just noticed the heels of the model's shoes match the plaid in the coat. Nice touch!

NATALIE said... Best Blogger Tips

That coat was made for you! It fits you perfectly.

I was convinced full bangs wouldn't look good on me but turned out it did! I think if you've been dying to do it as long as I have, just do it! You will never know. :)

x Natalie

alissa said... Best Blogger Tips

Fabulous jacket - i adore the color! Who needs black (ok I do its all i wear haha but i could branch out to something this cute!)

Eri said... Best Blogger Tips

That is a gorgeous coat!!!! Where is it from?

LoveMore said... Best Blogger Tips

oh i do love your topshop jacket honey! and your friend emma looks lovely! the first shot is incredible! :)

happy friday!

xxx lM

modern antoinette said... Best Blogger Tips

That white coat is far from boring...I love the way you layered necklaces on top of it.

Gorgeous as always.

Austere said... Best Blogger Tips

Your friends coat has great movement. I really like yours too. Cute outfits!

tailorstitch said... Best Blogger Tips

the cut of that coat is different...i like it :)

PUNKIE said... Best Blogger Tips

so beautiful! both of you! :D

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

jacket from sweden, yeay! ha ha.. really like the outfits!

Listen!! Check out my new blog. I live in sweden and writing about, well everything. straight up! xx

HoneyBunny said... Best Blogger Tips

You look so fab, dear! I love that navy coat as well as the necklaces you're wearing!
And that tartan print coat looks amazing!

Claudia said... Best Blogger Tips

both outfits are amazing!

nuha nuha said... Best Blogger Tips

thank you so so much for your comment! yes yes i LOVEEEE your style! and i'm linking you! the juan karlo pieces are amaaaazing especially the one of the far left and the center!

i love the far left from vanessa ang. i just adore sheer clothes!

Mo said... Best Blogger Tips

i wish i could make myself stop wearing black, but i'd probably have some type of withdrawal episode. I love your coat!

Sasi said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your coat, Hanna, and the girl's green flats!

Karafina said... Best Blogger Tips

you look wonderful, love that necklace, and your friends are look amazing too! that coat emma has on is wow!!!