Get First Dibs

Oct 13, 2009

The girls of Looking for Lola are extremely excited about the new pieces we have in the shop!
We hope you get to come and check out vintage pieces like floral bodycon skirts, colored blazers, moto jackets, 50s dresses, leather skirts and tons more! To be sold ONLY at First Dibs!

First Dibs this weekend! Oct 17, 3PM-onwards at the roofdeck, Multinational Bancorporation Centre, 6805 Ayala Ave.

Hope we'll see you there!!!


hanna said... Best Blogger Tips

quiero ir!!!!

Pamela said... Best Blogger Tips

wish u the best of luck!!! u r such an amazing people!! ;)

B a la Moda said... Best Blogger Tips

Qué cartel más original. La verdad es que desconcierta un poco. Qué buena pinta. Me gustan los eventos de pequeños diseñadores.
B* a la Moda