Grey Today

Nov 30, 2009

F21 tank, thrifted tank, drop crotch pants from HK, Janeo shoes, Telebasura necklace

Recently opened Looking For Lola, our little thrift store in Power Plant Mall. That's the reason I've been so busy these past few days, I'm at the mall every single day! Dani (my Looking for Lola partner) and I are so excited to share all our fantastic finds that we rework and customize to make them more wearable.

Sneak a Peek into Lola's boutique :)

Looking For Lola @ The Retail Lab. 2/F Power Plant Mall, Archaeology section.


hanna said... Best Blogger Tips

i love love LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! what a perfect outfit, you look so feirce and beautiful.




(i got carried away..look at this, ive practically written an ODE to you!haha)

pinky said... Best Blogger Tips

You look gorge, as always. I love the necklace! And oh, I love all the florals that I am seeing. I will visit the store definitely!

playwithfashion said... Best Blogger Tips

Great look!!! Like the way U matched grey/black and silver!

Arlini said... Best Blogger Tips

hi rosanna. very nice outfit. where to buy the pants? do you also sell that to your store?


Suzanne said... Best Blogger Tips

love the shoes :)

Glamour Bbey. said... Best Blogger Tips

Great stuff!

yabbikins said... Best Blogger Tips

i love your trousers dear :)

Noelle Chantal said... Best Blogger Tips

i like the fringe necklace and the gray tops. and worn with the drop crotch pants -perfect look! love the colors in this outfit.

promise i will visit the store when i get back to manila. and thank you so much Rosanna for the wonderful Inquirer feature. :)

have a great week!

The F Word Online said... Best Blogger Tips

I have a confession, whenever I heard the word "thrift" I would cringe because I never knew what gold you could find in those stores ! Ironically, my favourite piece in your photo was the grey top. I definitely need to make that trip to the thrift store asap !


Candy Kawaii Lover said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the gray cardigan so much! You look lovely!

Esme said... Best Blogger Tips

Swear I'm going to visit by next week. I need new clothes plus I need to thrift store hopping.

The fringe, I love. And those floral button downs are going to be mine.

sofiasophie said... Best Blogger Tips

really cool outfit!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Amazing shoes. Fabulous.

The Queen of Hearts said... Best Blogger Tips

Your father is 100% right about your style, it is really out of this period. You have such a wisdom in your choices that is well beyond your years. You also don't bother around imitating others, and I love you for that. I'm bookmarking you so I can see what other fun and fanciful outfits you come up with.

telebasuradesign said... Best Blogger Tips

Telebasura loves the outfit!!!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

this is amazing!! congratulations (: