Nov 30, 2009

Just a quick update before I run to the library.
This post is going to be highly incoherent and all over the place, so bear with me.


I'm thinking of chopping the top bit of this dress and converting it to a bib.
Jersey fabrics generally annoy me, and this dress is winding me up.

How lovely is this jade butterfly that has decided to take momentary residence atop my finger?

I got them from my last visit to Singapore. They've got diamonds for a thorax and an abdomen, a diamond leaf for friend and an 18 karat white gold branch to rest in. Nothing less than the best for these two posh butterflies.
(Who would have thought that I could identify with a ring!)


I don't know what I was trying to prove with the idiotic second pose.
My jaw looks phenomenal though (very rare occurrence), so I thought I'd share.

I wore both my grans on my finger and wrist yesterday. The jade ring was nonchalantly presented to me along with a carved pink quartz pendant (as seen in the preceding outfit) by my wonderful maternal grandmother after a casual afternoon visit to her house. The pearl ring and turquoise/coral double happiness cuff, on the other hand, are among my inheritance from my paternal grandmother who I miss ever so dearly.

Ps. A big shout out and a million thanks to Lynne and my fashion partner Sans:

The Evening News.

Lynne also wrote about our car-boot experience, but I couldn't get a proper scan because technology hates me.

The Inquirer

You can read the article online if you've missed the broadsheet
. :)