Flat Rant

Dec 18, 2009

When I decided to move to Scotland, I was just as excited about the prospects of living alone as receiving quality education. Thankfully, my parents decided to put me up in my own studio apartment. Heaven knows that I would have died a little death everyday if I had to live in Pollock. Sure,the exteriors of university halls aren't so bad..I daresay even beautiful for some of the older ones, but one step inside and you risk losing yourself in chaos. Everything is a mess and devoid of any elegance and style.

I'm thankful that I've managed to make a home out of my apartment for the past 4 years. However, as much as I love my place, I have a nagging feeling that it's time to move on. For one, false fire alarms are becoming all too frequent (and at ungodly hours like 3am as well). Secondly, I've had to deal with unreasonable and inconsiderate neighbors (One insisted on smoking on our non-smoking floor. Ive had the displeasure of writing him an uncharitable, angry letter involving an expletive which I wish I had not used) Lastly, my ceiling has been leaking for weeks and the maintenance has yet to repair it (I am thisclose to writing another angry letter. God, restrain me). But for all its faults and imperfections, it still is my home away from home and it has served me well over the years.

The best part about it? THIS! I still get excited when I open my windows to this magnificent view. I have countless pictures of it in my computer because the novelty never seems to wear off and I never seem to tire of it.

I've just realized that there is no point to what I am writing... but I've already rambled far too long to delete it all. Separation Anxiety does crazy things. So on another happy and completely unrelated note to end this pointless post, I got this lurvely brooch among other wonderful goodies from my secret santa at work! I love it so so much. Whoever got it did very well. Thank you :D