Moorish Marvels

Dec 7, 2009

I consider the Al-Hambra and the Topkapi two of my favorite architectures in the world. This is, of course, in keeping with my obsession with all things Moorish. As a teenage traveler in Granada, I remember being fascinated by the intricate details of the arabesques dominating the palace. I think that craftsmen back then were very clever to artfully play with light. I dont think there is anything more romantic than letting light pass through patterned stencils to cast lace shadows.

How very different these wooden light catchers are from stained glass windows.
So tacky, in my opinion. I will have none of it in my future home!
When I was in Turkey last year, I was able to see yet another amazing alcazar. Splendor and decadence is infused in every inch of the Topkapi. I'm telling you, Istanbul is visual heaven. Not to mention food heaven. Turkish cuisine is absolutely delectable. They have this chickpea rice dish that is joy in every mouthful. I was also mildly obsessed with a street food called simit, which is sort of like pretzel..but infinitely better.Now back to arabesque wood art. Imagine my excitement when I was handed this carved Moorish cuff by my antique dealer last weekend. I adore him cause he always stashes a bagful of goodies for me which means I get first dibs on all his marvelous gems.
He is handsome in real life. The flash makes it seem like there are white bits in the carving, but there's none of that in actual reality. I'm thinking of wearing him with my grandma's double happiness cuff on my other wrist to keep me on balance.

I'm so happy to have one thing ticked off my MUST have list.

Next items that need ticking?

A blackamoor with emeralds, diamonds, and rubies. And a gem encrusted manina.

Both by Nardi.
Both haunting me day and night.

photos from Sothebys.