Four things and a few photos

Feb 17, 2010


coat, shoes: zara; skirts: miss selfridge and hm; earrings : jul dizon; bag: chanel; top: religioso; lace long cardigan: vintage; floral garland necklace: diva from miss selfridge

Two weeks ago, Sarah gave me the most wonderful present! She texted me to say that she got me something that would make me love her forever. She was right, alright! When she handed me the most gorgeous vintage shoes my eyes have ever beheld, I knew I our friendship was sealed for eternity. I wore them everyday for a week until, one day, the heels gave up on me.

I had not planned on blogging the succeeding pictures, but theyre the only ones I have before the shoes' demise....

a close-up of the bootiful brocade

fur: hm; dress: river island; brocade vest: dries van noten; cardigan: gap;belt: vintage moschino;bag shoes necklace and earrings: vintage; cuff: fendi and from gran

Fare thee well, most perfect shoe!

Because I couldn't find it in my heart to bin the shoes, I decided to pluck the pearl clips and attach them to my vintage lizard shoes. Theyre no DIY masterpiece, but considering my lack of talent and creativity, I don't think I did too bad.

Et Voila!

Recently, I have acquired a few antique gold rings and an acrylic enamel cuff. The rings are rather tiny (very un-'me' to be honest), but I genuinely love them to bits.

Art deco ruby and diamond ring from the 30s. The rubies are darker in real life.

Late-Victorian seed pearl ring

Fendi acrylic enamel cuff I got from work.


My dissertation. Pray I live through it!