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Dec 19, 2010

 vintage Lanvin-esque top, Topshop jeans, thrifted blazer, Suelas flats

So I finally got a new lens for my camera (Thank you Patty Mendoza for helping me out!) and I've been having lots of fun with it. I didn't realized what a big difference it could make!

Also, the last shot (with hair flip and all) was completely candid I promise. Hahaha! 

The pair of shoes I designed for Suelas

Rosanna Aranaz, at 23 years old, is already at the forefront of a revolution. Armed with nothing but a camera, a fresh perspective on style, and an innate sense for adventurous ensembles, Rosanna's everyday sartorial exploits run the whole length of the fashion spectrum. High fashion pieces, department store items and thrifted finds all find their place in creatively inspiring outfits chronicled street-style by this budding icon who just wants to be, simply, little miss dress-up.

Suelas is extremely proud and honored to work with Rosanna Aranaz for our Holiday 2010 Collection. Her timeless, yet endlessly inventive sense of style is a perfect match for our vision of making innovative footwear for the contemporary woman of today.

Her exclusive design for Suelas was inspired by the androgynously adventurous mix of the classic men's tasseled loafer and the fun, yet feminine leopard print topped by just the right bit of sparkle for that holiday magic. Perfectly Rosanna Aranaz and perfectly Suelas.


fanboy said... Best Blogger Tips

hey little miss! have you been working out? i like the sexy pants. ;) keep it up!

Patty Mendoza said... Best Blogger Tips

Rosanna!!! You're welcome. I LOVE THE PHOTOS!!! :D
<3 Your outfits are always so awesome. I hope to work with you again soon! :)

P.S. Awesome shoes :D

Polly said... Best Blogger Tips

Hmmm...amazing flat!

Glamour Bbey. said... Best Blogger Tips

Stunning outfit! I love it!!

The Girlie Blog said... Best Blogger Tips

What a nice outfit! You look chic.

Charlotte Elise Jay said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous leopard print shirt :)

Char x

playwithfashion said... Best Blogger Tips

Shoes are stunning!

Larissa said... Best Blogger Tips

you look super adorable!! loving the leopards!!

Kookie B. said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey, Rosanna! I love the shots! What lens did you end up getting? :)

hanna said... Best Blogger Tips


bestie said... Best Blogger Tips

I NEED those shoes!!!

StyleCake said... Best Blogger Tips

You look lovely, and the shoes you designed are fabulous!!

Krisbliss said... Best Blogger Tips

The hair flip pic is cute no worries haha! I love this casual/relaxed look. You look so comfy, yet it's still a structured look. And those shoes are awesome, congrats on the great design!



thefatandskinnyonfashion said... Best Blogger Tips

i love how you mixed the two leopard prints together.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the Suelas flats you designed! Hope you do another collab with them!