The Nutcracker

Dec 18, 2010

Last night, I had the time of my life. My fabulous auntie took me to see The Nutcracker at the National Ballet of Canada ignoring her better judgment. Of course, she knew I would die of heart palpitations once she handed me orchestra tickets to the one ballet I have always wanted to see but never managed to. (Just one of those things...very much like the way I want to see The Wizard of Oz but never get around to actually doing it.)

My father and I are crazy about Tchaikovsky. The Nutcracker Suite being our favorite. When I say we love it, I mean we don't only have the orchestral masterpiece blasting from our car on a chilly december evening... we have also had it on repeat in the heat of summer. I even learned the simplified version on the piano so I could play it for him after having dinner. (I swear we don't live in a little house on the praire.)

I really wish he could have seen it with me.

It was such a magnificent spectacle!

Thank you, Auntie Cita. 

It's such a joy to see all these wonderful shows with you.