Grace multiplies with age

Mar 6, 2010

button down: M&S boys, blazer with elbow patches: zara, tuxedo dress: river island, Lace collar, white lion belt: vintage, chain belt with tassel: topshop, turqouise cross necklace: vintage, earrings: jul dizon, brooch and bangles : vintage, bag: chanel, rings: grandma, shoes: barrats, bag: chanel

I have met the woman I aspire to become one day.

Weeks ago, I spotted this regal lady outside the Dome having a cigarette. She was easily the most beautiful woman I'd seen in Edinburgh and so it was imperative that I photograph her. When I approached her and asked for her permission to take a couple of shots , she smiled coyly and replied
'Well, if you must... '

I know lot's of people are obsessed with youth. I never really understood that. I've always admired people who look like they've lived.