Thoughts on Financial Management

Mar 10, 2010

Food, Antiques and Jewelry.
These are the only things worth spending money on these days.

layered ruffles: bolero-zara, top:carboot; belt-present from sarah, skirt: urban outfitters; vintage art deco paste dress clips, lace bangle-carboot, shoes: zara, necklace -diy-ed from an old pearl rosary beads set in silver and CZ sterling silver earrings, pearl encrusted clutch-vintage

I got two things of beauty over the weekend. Malena, my jeweler away from home, goes around the country to attend auctions, estate sales and buy scrap gold in the hopes of finding treasures. She has the most interesting pieces, the best stories, the kindest heart and always gives me a good deal for my purchases so I make it a point to visit her weekly.

The first thing I got was this (presumably) Edwardian diamond ring. It's not dated so Malena couldn't guarantee it but the high prong setting and the metal work both point towards the post-Victorian era . The only hallmark we could find was the gold carat content which is 375/9ct. I usually don't go under 14ct but most British antique rings have low gold content, and they're usually too exquisite to pass up on, so I compromise.

( Also, Ive recently learned that 9ct jewelry doesn't tarnish as long as they are used so it doesn't seem so unwise to invest in them)

The second item I got was this Art Deco sapphire and diamond navette ring also in 9ct.

Because I couldn't splurge on two rings, I asked to swap my Victorian seed pearl and Ruby Art deco rings (both of which I also got from her) for this. I realized the two others were far too small.

She graciously agreed and so this beaut came home with me as well!

I'm still on the hunt for an antique old mine cut diamond ring. I've seen a lovely one in the antique curious shop on royal mile but it costs way more than my entire year's living allowance, so it stayed in the shop...