The usual

Mar 23, 2010

Yes, it's a different background! The wall I always use was getting really old and tired.
Also, my Italian neighbor moved out this morning so I'm now free to use and abuse the corridor as I please without running into awkward situations.

Jacket from Singapore, Scarf,Shoes and Snakeskin Clutch: Vintage, Dress: HM, Belt: Topshop

The lighting is a bit funny though....I kinda look like I have jaundice.

So, what's up for discussion today? The usual stuff I speculate about really, which as you will all know by now includes jewelry and anything and everything ancient.

Yesterday, I got the most amazing Art Deco miniature condiments tray which is stamped, engraved, and lovely in every way possible. I know I shouldn't buy anything for the apartment since I am leaving soon, but I knew I would regret it forever if I hadn't made the purchase. Blame it on my love for all things mini. (I went mad when I first saw Petit Filous in the supermarket. It was all I ever ate at one point, which totally negates it mini-ness since I consumed the same amount (if not more) found in a regular yoghurt. (Wow, I went a bit crazy with the parentheses there. Sorry.))

This stunning tray is going with me to Beijing next week. I just know my mother would die for it.

Let me also take this time to show you my lovely new baby, which is an Edwardian trilogy old European cut diamond ring set in 18Ct white gold and platinum.

I nearly shed a tear when my eyes met their sparkle. It was love.

The diamond's weight is just .65 carats in total but the cut is impeccable, the color is stunning (most likely between an F and a G), and though one of the little guys has a feather, it doesn't detract from the overall beauty of the ring.

I adore the shank! I've always preferred older settings to 'modern minimalist' looking ones. One word. Eew.

And now for some visual feast..enjoy:

Art Deco Lapis Diamond Dinner Ring

Platinum luxury of an Art Deco era ring brings a design element of the bold color contrast of the Art Deco movement. The graceful form of an elongated marquise shape incorporates an old European cut diamond of an estimated .45 to .50 carats in a simple round bezel setting. Enclosing the large central stone is very unusually shaped lapis lazuli. Deep blue in color and marked with golden flecks of pyrite, the lapis has a curved shape with two (2) old European cut diamonds of about .10 carats accenting the north and south cardinal points.

Art Deco - Diamond & Emerald Ring

Florid & fiery - In every detail of this antique ring you can feel the pulse of the early part of the 19th century. Touches of diamonds that resemble the tips of flames dot the outer edges. Leaf forms of silver are set with twenty-four (24) old European and old mine cut diamonds. The perfect foil to dazzling larger diamonds. And each is set with bead tipping within silver topped gold.

Gossamer Circle of Light

Ethereal lightness characterizes this delightful example of Edwardian style. Jewelry of this time had to complement fashion dictated by feathers, silk and lace and usually of a monochromatic color scheme. The whiteness of platinum merging with the brilliance of diamonds lends itself quite nicely to that image of delicacy and femininity.

Antique Diamond Tassel Motif Earrings

The ancient Greeks believed diamonds were the tears of the gods and these ear pendants bring that grand statement to fruition. Refined yet dynamic in appearance, the form and the fluidity of style are integral to the intrigue and beauty inherent in these earrings. Seventy-seven (77) old mine and old European cut diamonds have been set into each earring. All are clear and brilliant and in excellent condition. The diamond weight is approximately 1.75 carats in each earring for a total diamond weight of 3.4 carats. Entirely cut by hand, these early diamonds have a subtle appeal, appearing both rich and understated at the same time.