Aug 4, 2010



Sorry for the lack of updates. I am currently living on one suitcase which means you will see me gallivanting around Singapore in what seems like sleepwear . In fact, it probably is. That button-down top that I wear on a daily basis? It's actually a silk pyjama top from The White Company.

I've become so obsessed with sleepwear that I find myself shopping in the pyjama section of shops to find things chic enough to sleep, wake-up and leave the house in.

No one can be arsed on a holiday, and I am no exception.

One thing about my latest obsession is that it's not the most exciting thing to photograph. And I'd really hate to bother you all with my non-sense sleeping clothes. Instead, I've found 2 pictures I took earlier this year that never saw the day of light...enjoy. x