The Big Reveal

Aug 1, 2010


A good hair day is probably one of the best accessories ever!
Thanks to the mystery hair care brand's 14 day challenge it looks like
I could kiss all those bad hair days goodbye. 

What brand is it? You guys have had your guesses!
Now it will finally be revealed....

Uniqlo oxford shirt, Gap trousers, Aranaz bag, SM necklace
photo credit: Mom

As I mentioned in my previous post, it's a brand that I'll continue using! Pantene’s new lineup of shampoos, conditioners and treatments for split ends, hair fall and rough, tangled hair is formulated with the powerful Pantene Recharging Fluid Pro-V Formula.

A quick run down of 10 things I love about Pantene's new shampoo and conditioner:

1. Tames the frizz
2. Hair is less dry 
3. and soft!
4. A lot more shiny
5. Waves are less unruly
6. No longer tangled!
7. Doesn't make my hair flat
8. Keeps the volume
9. It smells great
10. It actually works!

Want to learn more about it???
Visit the website:


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, I'm just wondering if this is a paid advertisement?

Wynn said... Best Blogger Tips

Every time I see a pair of clogs in a store, I think of you! :)

selly octavia said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your outfit... That pants is cute!!! :)

Glamour Bbey. said... Best Blogger Tips

Stunning look! Every item you wear is perfect!

The F Word Online said... Best Blogger Tips

great outfit girl, the bag is wild !

xx lue

Michelle Elaine said... Best Blogger Tips

im loving your sunnies and accessories


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

ur wearing forever21 clogs right? i could tell.

veronicaa said... Best Blogger Tips

Great outfit!
xo veronica
my passion for fashion

expresswhatyoufeel said... Best Blogger Tips

great to know that is pantene..:)

staysuperfit said... Best Blogger Tips

likey like ur outfit

Ale. said... Best Blogger Tips

The bag is amazing!


ronelworld said... Best Blogger Tips

you stunning baby..:) said... Best Blogger Tips

love the way you dress up

Nádia said... Best Blogger Tips

Amazing outfit! Love the bag!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Your hair looks lovely, and I am in love with your clogs. Next time I'll definitely try that new Pantene product; summer = summer frizz and more split ends. I've been looking for a new shampoo/conditioner, too!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

i love your blog but paid advertising ruins it for me. I hope you can return to your old format where you just feature the beautiful clothes you wear everyday without any contests or paid blog entries.

Damsels said... Best Blogger Tips

hmmmm, pantene .. ihavent used it since i was very young... nowadays i use head and shoulders or whatevr my bf buys maybe i'll switch over to this .

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

i love the color of your pants!

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Great casual outfit! I love the buttoned to the top oxford, rolled khakis, jewelry, and clogs. All basic pieces you have skillfully put together to make an "of the moment" trendy look. Way to go!

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Forgot to mention the cool fringy bag. Totally unexpected with such a preppy look, but that's what I love about it.

kaho din said... Best Blogger Tips

hi hanna and rosanna! i just wanna ask if you have any idea re: free samples from pantene.
we registered online when the mystery website was still up. after 2 weeks, i mustered the courage to call their hotline. they said wait 3-4 weeks. me and another friend i referred the promo to are still groping in the dark.
i know beggars can't be choosers but the idea doesn't just justify it. are the samples still coming? help! calling pantene?