My Funny Valentine

Jan 4, 2009

a short film directed by Kevin Schaefer shot on a super 8 camera
click here to watch

Valentine Fillol-Cordier ♥ 

(google images)


THE BAT said... Best Blogger Tips

this is beautiful. i'm speechless... that's rare ahhahahah.

Rosanna said... Best Blogger Tips

the bat: it really is!!!!

mary beley said... Best Blogger Tips

i love your new .com :)the layout and everything. little miss r, great new shots thanks to your new slr! :D keep posting!

your avid follower,
mary b. :) said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the video...She seems so free! I'd love to see one of those shots filmed with those old school cameras where you could actually see every slide pass by and maybe in Sepia....Who is she btw? She makes me wish it was summer!

Sasi said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for sharing. It let me speechless.

Rosanna said... Best Blogger Tips

mary: thanks!!!!

lalastreet: she really does!! ya those old school cameras would be cool :) she's a french model..slash.."it girl" hahahahah

sasi: it left me speechless too!