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Jan 2, 2009

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Topshop dress, thrifted cardigan, H&M belt, Aranaz bag, Topshop shoes
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Ever since I could remember, a few days after Christmas my family and I would drive a few hours down south to the beach. So expecting a long ride, I decided to put on the easiest thing to wear for a trip --- my favorite cotton dress from Topshop. But surprisingly, there roads were clear (except for that short strip by Tagaytay)! Anyway, 3 hours and a few stops later...


What I love about Manila is that the beach is just a car ride away!


FashionSqueah! said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay for a new blog! I really like your outfit, the belt is fabulous! Char x

Moded'amour said... Best Blogger Tips

love that bag!!!
i've updated the link!
happy new year

AnnaLongstockings said... Best Blogger Tips

thank you! my booties are from h&m.
you live in the phillipines? i've never been - I really do want to visit. it looks amazing (:
love, anna.

Fashion Tidbits said... Best Blogger Tips

yay! i love the beach too! the layout for the new blog is really nice

VANESSA DATORRE and LEIRE URZAIZ said... Best Blogger Tips

thx four ur visit!!!
Cool blog!!
Happy new year!!

Demi said... Best Blogger Tips

thank youu :)
I love your outfit, and that beach photo is beautiful. I wish I lived near a beach!!

Margeaux said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute website! And I love that straw bag. I need to find one like that for an upcoming tropical trip myself :)

LoveMore said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy New Year!
Thanks for the comments :)
New blog looks awsome ladies!
look forward to following it over the new year :) xxx LM

Elena said... Best Blogger Tips

What an outfit! It looks very comfortable but at the same time very chic! The belt is amazing and it adds lots of style-points!

Happy New Year!

mikko said... Best Blogger Tips

i really like the sideview posing sans. and finally, im in a picture in your blog. luvv eett! haha

jaime said... Best Blogger Tips

such a classy and gorgeous look! love it :)

Rosanna said... Best Blogger Tips

char: thanks!!! i'm so glad i got the belt!

moded'amour: thanks for the update!!!

anna: yup! i live in the Philippines! Do come visit! It's great :)

fashion tidbit, vanessa datorre...: thanks!!!

demi: i love love the beach!

margeaux: thanks! its an awesome beach bag

elena: it really is super comfy!!!

mikko: yiheeeeeeeeee!

jaime: thank you!!!