My Spanish love affair (This is a long one)

Jan 26, 2009

Aah, I'm back from one of the best holidays Ive ever had in my LIFE.

It's funny how the novelty of being in Spain never wears off. My first Spain trip was back when I was in grade 5 with my family and Ive been going there almost every year since 2nd year high school - with different people, experiencing different things, leaving with different memories but ALWAYS having an amazing kick-ass time! I know lots of people who feel a real affinity for certain countries/cities. And usually it's for cities like New York, Paris or London..and I love these cities too (actually, i take that back. im not the biggest fan of paris) but no other city in world stirs me like Madrid and Santander. And no other country makes me giddy the way Spain does.

This trip was beyond what I expected it to be. I went with my amazing friends Sarah and Lauren and it was just pure silliness from start to end!

Said silliness involved:

1) Lauren climbing up a statue for a photo op (it was a meter above the ground) in Parque Retiro. A guy high on crack wanted to carry her down to which she replied: 'No thanks, Hanna tell him I want to enjoy the view from up here a little longer!'

2) Sarah using an African shampoo she found in her room and waking up with a massive afro!

3)Perving around the Madrid Metro- Uh, there was this beautiful man who was staring (not in a creepy way i might add) at us the entire time we were at the when we reached our stop we decided to wait for his train car to wave goodbye to him! When he spotted us he couldn't stop laughing. Im sure that made his day.

Actually, make that perving around Madrid. So many hot guys, so little time! Im telling you we are DEPRIVED in Edinburgh.

4) Seeing Pablo my favourite Spanish person in the world (who I first met when I was 14. I cant believe it has been that long). Him showing us around and us using him as our personal photographer. Haha! He's such a wonderful boy - great manners, intelligent, funny and very sociable. Sarah and Lauren absolutely adored him. Pablo Fan Club much?!

5) Hiding from Lauren when she fell asleep in the Metro. You should have seen her face when she woke up and we were no where in sight. Terrified Lauren Face is the best.

6) Stuffing our faces with food glorious food.

If youre in Madrid go to Bazaar and Vivares37. Both are in Chueca and both have absolutely stunning and delicious food.

Get the swordfish with clams and the blueberry cheesecake in Vivares and order chocolatissimo in Bazaar. It will be a sin to not try the two when you are in Madrid.

7) Taking crazy photos in Mango, Fuencarral while Sarah shopped! They wanted to kick us out by the time she was done.

8) Watching an experimental version of Hamlet in The Retiro Theater that explored Hamlet's phsyche. Walked out after 20 minutes of it. haha.

9) Going to the Museo del Traje/Costume Museum which also happens to be my favourite museum in the WORLD. It was so great to have Lauren and Sarah (both of them study costume design) educate me about the design, craftmanship and the historical references of all the clothes.

Visiting Museo de la Reina Sofia, Madrid's contemporary art museum where we saw some Dali and Picasso. Lauren, who is a modern art fanatic, was in heaven.

10) A random man taking a picture with us when we were in Puerta del Sol. So random. So Madrid. I love it.

11)Typing Isabel's (my other friend who was suppose to go with us but flaked because she needed to go to Paris with Gareth Pugh) fake details in 'Hard'jet's website because we couldnt print our boarding pass.

Name: Isabel Wong
Citizen of : Costa Blanca
Country of Birth: Bhutan
Birthdate: 23/10/1910
Document Number: 123456

12) Uh, way too many to mention so Ill stop here.

The funny thing is, everytime Im there, I get the feeling that it loves me back.

Some snapshots from our first day:

Vivares: c/Hortaleza, 37
Go there for an epic meal!

Pictures of day 2 to follow!


Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

I just read the whole post! lol!
You had sooo much fun! Ive wanted to go to Spain since as far back as I can remember. Cannot wait till the day I get there!!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cool are the pics.And I see that you are so exating because you see the Spain.I wanna visit this country too...I know the language very well,and I love the peoples from there.

Sunniva said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful trip:D I really want to go to Spain too, and after reading this, I'm even more impatient to get there! xox

KEREN said... Best Blogger Tips

Really entertaining post.
I'd love to visit Madrid one day, along with many other places in Europe including Switzerland. Ask not why, a trip to Switzerland has been hoped for for a while now. It might be the name. ;)

Ester said... Best Blogger Tips

heeeey!! welcome to spain!! im glad you like it! you're in madrid, arent you?

Mo said... Best Blogger Tips

it looks like such an adventure! i'm definitely going to try and go there!

N said... Best Blogger Tips

Aw sounds like you had such a great time!

Your whole post makes me want to go to Europe even more than now and I've been dying to go since forever!

I love your blazer! You are so pretty :)

x Natalie

Nay said... Best Blogger Tips

exciting and fun! what life is!

La Mode is Rad! said... Best Blogger Tips

I love Spain to!
I go there every year.
Love the photos!

inabeena said... Best Blogger Tips

have you ever been to Barcelona or San Sebastian. Maybe next time you could pop by, beautiful places. Madrid sounds lovely though,glad you had a great time :)

Life's a shoe said... Best Blogger Tips

did you go to any tapas bar? my sister always takes me and people who visit her to this one called lateral. I haven't been to spain in so long! I love all their jamon, the fact that their night lives are so, well lively(people start going out at 2am!)a nd also don't you think the spanish women are so stylish? even when i'm sitting inside the metro i observe so many stylish.people. this was in 2005 and back. what's everyone in spain wearing now? hehehe

Rosanna said... Best Blogger Tips

oh how jealous i am!!!! now i'm craving for palmeras!!!

Vintage Tea said... Best Blogger Tips

Great photos. Looks like lots of good times were had!

check out


HoneyBunny said... Best Blogger Tips

wow that surely was whole lot of fun! great pictures and you all looked very stylish:D :***

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

you look so amazing and well put together! fantastic style. i love spain too

anna marie

Emma B. said... Best Blogger Tips

RE: Couldn't agree with you more. Gareth Pugh's women's collection (spring 2009) wasn't bad either.

hanna said... Best Blogger Tips

steph, cho, sunniva,mo, n, lamod, nay - go book your tickets. NOW!!! you wont regret it!

keren- swtizerland is pretty too!the views from the alps are AMAZING..but really, nothing beats spain. haha

ester - aaw, thanks! yes i was in madrid. now im back in depressing scotland.

inabeena - yes ive been to both! barcelona was the first spanish city i visited when i was in grade 5 and i was completely smitten by it. San Sebastian is beautiful too, the seafood is just to die for!

life's a shoe - i wish i had this tip before i left the country! i will try lateral next time im in Madrid. Spanish women ARE very stylish. people watching around ortega y gasset is one of the best things to do on a lazy day in madrid.

sans- me too!!!! i want me some palmeras!

vintage tea- indeed i had the best time :D

honeybunny- thanks!!! :D

anna marie- gracias!!! :*

emmab- i know, right?! im so jealous of my friend who's doing an internship with him!

Emma B. said... Best Blogger Tips

RE: It takes my breath away too. I think that's the most beautiful picture ever.

myra said... Best Blogger Tips

The scenery looks fantastic!! Oh I'm so envious :-(

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

looks like you had a great time!

im jealous, i would love to go to spain

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

O M G ! that food you have there looks MORE than delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god im so hungry right now.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said... Best Blogger Tips

Spain is the best!
I love that country, it is so beautiful and so much culture. I am glad you enjoyed it :)

Flashes of Style said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for visiting my blog :) These photos are so beautiful, espescially the first photo. Everyone is so chic.

Fashion Trix said... Best Blogger Tips

the fooood looks delicioussss! and it looksl ike you and your friends had a blast! x]

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

sounds and looks amazing!
wish i was there|!

♥ fashion chalet said... Best Blogger Tips

What's that chocolate thing? All of this food looks so yummy. I adore pasta, would eat it everyday if i could.... oh and cereal is my favorite. I buy the kinds I like and then hide them from everyone else (and eat them in secret) hhahaa. I hate to share... =/


jess said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks like you had a wonderful time in Spain.

Eri said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello ,
Thank you so much for the comments!
I love Spain too... I had such a good time there and, your pictures are great.
Take care

LoveMore said... Best Blogger Tips

oh wow sounds like a very fun and amazing time with A LOT of laughter! which is the key to any trip. love the story with the guy on the train..haha

some of my family have moved to madrid so i am very excited to experience a visit soon!

xx much love LM

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

how fabulous do you look!!!!! wish i could go visit spain too

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

hey hannah! omg i dont like paris that much too :P spain is so much better! i havent been there since our verano en espana trip. ur so lucky youve been going back! lol

-amanda :)

hanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Myra- Madrid IS the most beautiful city for me. not just in terms of scenery..but the people, the food and the culture!

Emma, anonymous1- :D you should go!

the kitten- i know. sometimes when im eating in madrid i have to remind myself that it's just food..not love.

fashion trix- blast would be an understatement!! it was BEYOND hahaha.

flashes of style- ive got some pretty stylish friends, no?

the man who knew too much- it truly is! btw, i visited your site. such lovely photos!

lottie, jes- yes, it really is!!

fashion chalet- sounds like food is your life! welcome to the club. hahaha. that chocolate thing is warm baked chocolate cake with lavas of hot melted choc spewing in the center.

lovemore- youre so lucky your family is moving to madrid! visit as often as you can.

amanda- omg, verano en espana was such a great trip, no? i loved every second of it. no seriously, it changed my life. how are youuu??

AK said... Best Blogger Tips

So envious, looks like you had a great time! And that food looks incredible! Now I'm all hungry...


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hanna, I love your jacket. Where'd you get it?- Tonette :)

Gwyneth said... Best Blogger Tips

lovely. looks like u had so much fun. <3

cheryl said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello! new in here. Glad that you visited Madrid while it's still cold.hehehe! Went there summer of last year, was soooo hot makes me remember my days in Manila.They say Madrid is best in spring. Try visiting Prado Museum the next time, so cool if you like antique paintings,;).I love the Dali paintings more than Picasso's in Reyna Sofia's and also in Thyssen's and got my foto taken beside Rizal's statue in la calle Islas Fiipinas. So Pinay! hahaha! I'm living here now in Vitoria and this spring planning to visit Barcelona.Went to Santander a few weeks ago,loved the sea and the theater.

Little Miss Dress Up said... Best Blogger Tips

cheryl, Ive been to Madrid in spring (and summer, and winter)and i must say i is the best in spring!

Re: Prado. Everytime I go to madrid, I make it a point to visit. I LOVE VELAZQUEZ!!!! This trip was actually the first time I didnt go because we were so pressed for time.

Youre so lucky to be living in Madrid :D And Santander is one of my favorite cities too..for the obvious reasons you stated!

Thanks for the comment. Enjoy Madrid!!!

X Hanna