Pleats + Drapes

Jan 20, 2009

Yesterday, I went on a hunt for a pair of comfortable trousers that I can wear in the airplane for my trip to Madrid this Friday. I've pretty much sworn off track pants (unless I'm heading to the gym. Actually, I dont even wear it to the gym. I wear jazz pants instead) or leggings (I hear you, Blair! Tights/Leggings=same difference) so there really weren't many options left for me. I was determined to find my 'plane pants' anyway so I braved the snow and headed over to Topshop, Zara and H&M in the hopes of finding something chic and comfortable. I left the 3 shops with 3 tops, 3 skirts, and a pair of gorgeous structured black pants...but my elusive 'plane pants' were still no where to be found.

By the time I entered House of Fraisers, I had seriously lost all hope of ever finding them. That was, until I saw these black draped cotton jersey pants! I am in love with them. The side drapes fall beautifully and they are so seriously comfy...I'm thinking of wearing them to bed when I get tired of wearing them out. :)

pleated white shirt: G2000, pants: Warehouse, bag: Balenciaga, Belt: New Look, Shoes: Charles and Keith, Accessories: Warehouse, Sunglasses: from Malaysia


Rosanna said... Best Blogger Tips

I super love those!!! They really look comfy pa. Dank found a pair in ukay before which I'm sure is way cheaper than those..hahaha! :D

Have loads of fun in Madrid! I'm so jealous...i wish i could jet off to some random country whenever I want!

Rosanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh and i just noticed that studded cuff you're wearing in the last pic!! love it!

HoneyBunny said... Best Blogger Tips

they're great! and I love the cuffs!

KEREN said... Best Blogger Tips

Those pants!
I love all pants that drape, drop-crotch, make some funny shape and then get as skinny as leggings as it they reach your ankles.

Ester said... Best Blogger Tips

wow! the pants are very cool! and you belt rocks! i like your outfiiit!! as always!

The Stiletto Effect said... Best Blogger Tips

I really like this look on you :D

Liss said... Best Blogger Tips

So chic as always

penelope said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your pants! And the bracelet is so awesome!! Love the outfit from the previous post! LOL!

GEEZ! That was so corny! HAHA

hanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Sans - aah, ukay's one of the things i miss most about manila...i mean after you guys of course!! hahaha.

i will have fun in madrid..i need to be inspired again. this city is giving me nothing.

honey bunny- thanks, dear :D

keren- yeah, im not really a big fan of trousers but all the interesting shapes for a/w 08 and s/s 09 are making me cave. ive just bought 3 pairs in the last week...and that's huge news for me someone who has survived six seasons without purchasing any.

ester- the belt is old. im still obsessed with it though :D

stilleto effect, liss-aaw, thanks!

penelope- thanks! yes, i love rosanna's jeans too. her creativity really blows me away :D

Zoë said... Best Blogger Tips

i love your shoes and gorgeous accessories my dear!
perfect as always


LoveMore said... Best Blogger Tips

these pants are sooo epic! love them! xxx LM

Becky said... Best Blogger Tips

those trousers are amazing :) very jealous of them! and i love all your accessories

Bai a Labi said... Best Blogger Tips

i admit i love fashion a lot. i love them more than boys. seriously. well anyway, i noticed your blog to be sooo into fashion so now you are so in my bookmark list. :) i love fashionable clothes and accessories but i would die for the cheap ones too. but if it's worth investing then i'm game on it even though i am still a student with no earnings at all. :(

i wonder if you could advice me where to find good and cheap ones too and the ones on sale. i so love your blog!



Silje said... Best Blogger Tips

I like your pants and the bracelet, super nice!=D

Lloyda said... Best Blogger Tips

i have a similar pair of those draped pants from Giordano Ladies. They are awesome! I've yet to wear mine though. Wonderful bangles!!!!!

Daisy said... Best Blogger Tips

These are so cool>!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

comfy yet stylish,an awesome combo:)
when i last tarvelled i wore a tracksuit,a hoodie converse which were stuffed with these enormous warm sock things
i looked an incredible mess,i have to say.

Bella said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome bracelets... and those pants!!!

MR style said... Best Blogger Tips

i love it !! so so so fab

hanna said... Best Blogger Tips

zoe, lovemore,becky,siljie, daisy, lottie, bella, MR style - thanks so much! :D

lloyda - go wear them!! i want to see the outfit you come up with ;)

bai a labi- hahaha!! i love fashion more than boys too. in fact i should just give up on finding a man and just marry fashion.

about finding reasonably priced accessories...there are lots of places in manila where you can find gorgeous things on the cheap. Greenhills has loads of enamel bangles and random little trinkets! SM has some pretty good stuff too. Also, why not try rummaging through your lola's baul? Im sure she has some vintage accessories that you could borrow/steal from her. :D

FashionSqueah! said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely outfit, the trousers are amazing and they will definatly be comfy on the plane! It's always such a dilemma, what to wear in airports and on planes, especially long flights...I love the shoes too! Char x

La Mode is Rad! said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the outfit. especially the belt.

Larita said... Best Blogger Tips

Your blog is perfect (L

Mo said... Best Blogger Tips

you put it together really effortlessly and i love that you put it together with that bag, very nice color scheme

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice look.:)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

love the pant, so easy to wear and there is million different ways to wear them :> suits everyones style

hanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Char - Thanks a lot, dear :D I know what you mean! Sadly comfort and fashion dont always go together which makes plane dressing is a real dilemma :(

LA Mode is RAD, Larita, Mo, Choo, Anonymous- thank you!!

Jasmina- yeah, ive tried them on with about a million tops! I cant wait to wear it differently. :D And i agree, these pants are so much easier to pull off than the other hareem pants ive seen in the high street.

sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

love your pants xx

FashionSqueah! said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh and by the way, I think it is the same zipper skirt, the ruffles are lovely but they never show up in my rubbish pictures! Char x

LJ said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE your harem pants!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

those are fantastic pants. i can never pull it off like you!


D said... Best Blogger Tips

those pants are almost too beautiful,i wish i could find some nice ones for mens,i am still searching

xs said... Best Blogger Tips

adore those pants. you really pull them off!

Girl next blog said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous belt!